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ST. PETERSBURG — This is a time of transition, memories, high expectations and obtaining the life-long dream of retirement for the dental team of Drs. Reginald and Mendee Ligon.  They will soon pass the baton of leadership of their dental practice, Ligon & Ligon DDS, PA, to their son, Dr. Brian Ligon.

“Wow is my first thought when I think of the transition of Ligon and Ligon DDS, P.A. to our son Dr. Brian Ligon,” said Reginald.

He spoke of the history of the practice from its beginning in 1975 when he partnered with his brother the late Dr. Julius Ligon. Afterwards Mendee became his partner in life and joined the practice in 1981.

Ligon Family, featured“Now after 34 years we are blessed to turn the family business over to Dr. Brian Ligon,” he stated proudly. “There is great joy in having my son follow in my footsteps but there is also sadness knowing that I am approaching the end of a great career,” said Reginald.

He knows that in his heart having worked with his son, observing his skills and listening to his interactions with patients that they will be well cared for. This proud father knows his son is a competent and compassionate young man.

“I am blessed to be able to do this and I hope and pray that our patients and this community will continue to trust and support him and his partner Dr. Erika King Ligon,” said Reginald.

“We made it a point when our children were growing up to present dentistry as an option not as an expectation,” Mendee stated. “Brian is well-trained and has a great demeanor for this profession.”

Mendee feels that her son has the “good hands factor” that their profession requires, which cannot be taught. “It’s something you have naturally,” said Mendee.

She is impressed with her son’s willingness to continue extensive training to provide dental services in complex and medically compromised patients, and feels truly blessed that Brian made the decision to become a dentist and continue the legacy.

Mendee couldn’t stop gushing over her son. She and Reginald both are so proud of his recent marriage to Erika, a beautiful and talented dentist herself. History is repeating itself.

Brian graduated from Lakewood High School, attended Butler University in Indianapolis and graduated from Meharry Medical College in Nashville with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 2011. He completed a one-year dental specialty program at Bay Pines Veterans Hospital, Advanced Education General Dentistry, which is a residency program specializing in restorative, surgical and implant dentistry. He joined the family practice shortly thereafter.

His wife Erika graduated from Spelman College in Atlanta in 2006 with a B.S. in Biology. She also attended Meharry Medical College, and upon graduating with a doctorate of dental surgery degree in 2014, she completed a General Practice Residency with Columbia University at Harlem Hospital Center in New York. She is currently working for the Community Health Center of Pinellas as a general dentist.

Dr. Brian, as he’s known to the staff and patients, feels that there are no negative issues by coming to the helm of his parents’ established practice.  He acknowledges that it is a plus to enter into an established practice that is already equipped. “I’m not starting at ground zero,” said Brian.

He is also thrilled that his parents are so proud of his accomplishments. He broke into a wide grin and said: “Now they can call me doctor and I can see the smiles on their faces.”

Brian looks forward to soon adding new procedures and technology to the dental office.  He would like to expand the services to include laser treatments and digital radiology that will aid in teeth restoration, soft tissue procedures and implants.

“A lot of stuff is computer driven,” he explained. “Dentistry is always evolving.  My main concern is to make sure they [patients] get the best treatment possible and be as pain free as possible.”

He speaks proudly of the legacy of good dental care and community outreach that both parents have performed throughout the years, and says that each parent has distinct styles from which he has learned invaluable lessons.

Brian credits his father for allowing him to shadow him in the community at outreach forums and health fairs, while crediting his mother for her savvy business style.

“They did a good job by leading by example,” Brian stated. His favorite quotes from his father are: “Every tub has to sit on its own bottom,”  “You have to hold yourself accountable” and “Do not rely on someone else.”

Dr. Brian smiles as he speaks on his new life venture with his wife and is excited about their future.

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