Old School dance-off finale


ST. PETERSBURG —The Old School Summer Party, held over the last six weeks, culminated its activities with a Grand Dance-Off competition at the historic Manhattan Casino last Sun., Sept. 6.

“If you want to compete for the Old School Summer grand prize, now is the time to get up and get on the dance floor,” said DJ Bake.

Approximately 20-25 dancers strutted on to the dance floor to compete for the grand prize of $500. One the dance floor could be found the ethnic diversity of St. Petersburg as the dancers from 20 somethings to 70 plus cheerfully filled the center of the ballroom.

Four songs later, Steve Scott, a retired employee of HARTLINE emerged victorious as he received the loudest roar of the crowd when DJ Bake held his hand over the dancer’s head.

Scott came up to the front of the stage for pictures and, of course, to collect five 100 dollar bills. After receiving his prize, the after-party began in full force like only the baby-boomer generation could do it!

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