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Business Spotlight: Pop Goes the Waffle

Sara Fludd, owner, Pop Goes the Waffle

Owner: Sara Fludd

Years in Business: 3

City/Location: St. Petersburg – Pinellas County

On Green Book:

Pop Goes the Waffle’s founder and CWO (Chief Waffle Officer) Sara Fludd said her innovative waffle company is “dedicated to providing exceptional sweet and savory waffles and waffle pops.”

Fludd said she had an obsession with waffles since childhood and started making them for my family on school snow days when they lived in Connecticut. The weather in part contributed to her waffle finesse: “Lots of snow days, led to lots of recipes” – and finally, she said, the idea for Pop Goes the Waffle was born.

She founded the business after her family relocated from Connecticut to Florida in 2017 and held her first market “pop-up” in Fall 2018.  Their “waffles on wheels” offering came about when Fludd put Blossom the Waffle Truck in gear in 2019.

“Our products are something most people have never experienced,” shared Fludd.

Unlike the regular Belgian waffles that most people are familiar with (and a far cry from your store-bought Eggo brand!), Fludd’s liege waffles are made from a yeasted dough studded with pearls of sugar. She explained how the sugar pellets “caramelize as the waffle cooks, creating a perfectly sweet waffle that doesn’t need syrup.”

Fludd calls her “waffle pops” the perfect “walkable” treat since they are made from a batter cooked on special irons that bake them onto sticks.

You can purchase Pop Goes the Waffle products at the following retailers: Crislip Cafe, Blind Tiger Cafe, Kahwa Coffee, and Southside Coffee & Brew Bar.

Visit them online at; follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

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