Caleb’s Motivational Camp: Five years and counting

ST. PETERSBURG — It all started with a vision. It continues as a need. Caleb’s Motivational Camp, a leadership camp for boys eight to 13 years old is in its fifth year of developing leaders with a vision for a purpose.

The challenges have been many, but the commitment has never wavered. The staff has worked without the promise of a paycheck. Parents have brought their children because they see the potential in them and they believe in the vision of Caleb’s Camp.

The results speak for themselves. Anointed Word Fellowship has financial supported the camp along with a contribution from WTIS 1110 AM Radio. Other in-kind services have made the camp a success.

“It is amazing watching these young men develop throughout the summer,” said Toney Clark, a volunteer for the past four years. “The experience they get is incredible and the field trips are not in the scope of an average camp. Pastor Dexter does a great job and I’m just happy to be a part of it.”

The mission of Caleb’s Motivational Camp is to develop youth leaders to obtain a vision of purpose through different world experiences and to prepare them to lead in a multicultural community.

The birth of Caleb’s Camp is the manifestation of God’s desire for young men to dream, see and obtain His promises fulfilled in their lives. The vision of the camp is to encourage physical, intellectual and spiritual strength and to activate the God given gifts of these young men.

It aims to promote an innate expectation to achieve. The vision of Caleb Motivational Camp is to expand the overall experience of each camper and encourage all to maintain unyielding focus, thus resulting in accomplished dreams.

Campers will experience instructional activities to learn it’s a different world for those in leadership development camps and those who just play all summer. Campers will explore the world of news, science, sports, preparation, spirituality, business and finance, other cultures and take tours. The camp develops leaders with a vision for a purpose.

“I love Caleb’s Camp,” said Patrick Wilson, a freshman at Lakewood High School who attended for three years. “We did all sorts of fun learning stuff and we went on a lot of field trips. We met a lot of different people. One of my highlights was meeting news anchor Reginald Roundtree at Channel 10 News. He is so cool!”

Caleb’s Motivational Camp will run June 8 – August 7. This Sat., June 6 at 10 a.m., an orientation is scheduled at Anointed Word Fellowship, 1150 49th St. N., St. Pete.

For more info, contact Pastor Dexter at 727-656-2615 or logon to

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