Chris ‘DJ Cutty’ Patterson

Chris Patterson’s professional name, “DJ Cutty,” is a blend of two motivating factors in his life: being a great barber and a salute to his love of the disc jockey business. Patterson’s oldest son, Courtney, came up with the unique name that best describes the dual roles his father has.

Patterson is a busy man that wears many hats; from being a master barber at Jenn’s Sophisticated Touch Salon, to being a doting father to his youngest son Cadonm, which are two full-time jobs in themselves. But when the sun gets tired and goes behind the clouds and the moon comes out ready to party, he becomes the pied piper of music enticing people to get up and dance.

Originally from West Memphis, Ark., Patterson and his family eventually settled in St. Petersburg. He graduated from North East High School class of 1988, and then in 1990 he enrolled at Pinellas Technical Education Center (pTEC) and earned a certificate of cosmetology in 1991.

Patterson just didn’t decided to become a barber one day, he started long before pTEC cutting hair on the front porch of his now deceased grandmother, Mrs. Corene Mitchells’ house.

“She let me use her front porch to get started and I built my clientele base in that house,” he fondly remembered. “I’m basically self-taught. I did random people in the neighborhood, friends or relatives. Sometimes for free to get the experience.”

He eventually opened his own shop, Intrigue Hair Design, on 49th Street South in 1999, but it closed in 2013 because of the dire economic conditions many of his customers were experiencing.

However, Patterson still believes in the future and is moving forward. “Economic hardship is no reflection of a person,” he stated firmly. “I’m currently rebuilding and eventually I’ll be able to open my own barbershop and salon.”

He is a hands-on single father who instills valuable life lessons into his son. “I show him deadbeats and tell him this is not the way to be,” Patterson said. “I don’t hide reality. I want him to learn how to be a man of integrity. Your word is your bond. I want him to be dependable and an outstanding citizen.”

Always intrigued by the DJ and the fun atmosphere that surrounds them, Patterson explained his meager beginnings about five years ago.

“Initially I saved up a few bucks and put a few things on layaway at a pawn shop. I had cheap speakers and amplifiers and a mediocre karaoke machine that played CDs,” said Patterson.

Now by saving his nickels and dimes, he boasts of all professional equipment and his engagements have expanded. Last Sat. March 15, if you were lucky you caught him at the Ultimate Game Night, held at the Dr. Carter G. Woodson African American Museum.

Patterson was in the legendary Legacy Gardens and amid the shimmering, white lights he filled the air with music while the appreciative crowd swayed to the beat. Saturday marked his third appearance at the museum, and he is increasingly being booked for weddings, family reunions, anniversary, birthday parties, corporate functions and holiday events.

Providing happiness to others was the basic ingredient for both of his distinctive careers. He said he loves to see people happy and having fun. Both options are also lucrative and he likes to feel the gratification from both elements.

“I get a lot of my humility from my mom, Nadine Patterson,” he explained. “I want my legacy to be that I strived to be the best that I could be in cutting hair, providing professional DJ services and being a great dad.”

To contact DJ Cutty, email him at or call (727) 239-2209.

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