Pastor’s Corner: At His Feet

Pastor Shurrea Daniels of Kingdom Restoration, Inc.

Pastor Shurrea Daniels of Kingdom Restoration, Inc.

For a certain woman, whose young daughter had an unclean spirit, heard of him, and came and fell at his feet (Mark 7:25).

As I began to read through several passages of scripture where people fell at Jesus feet what impressed me the most, was the fact that they all knew who Jesus was. In Mark 7:25 there is a Syro­phenician woman who falls at Jesus feet for her daughter to be healed. In Mark 5:21­24, Jarius a ruler of the synagogue fell at Jesus feet. Lastly, we read about the Woman with the issue of blood (Luke 8:43).

We find examples of respect being indicated by getting down on the ground. At times people literally fell at the feet of others. How many of us have ever gotten down on the ground and put ourselves at the feet of another person? Not many of us can say we have done this. Yet, this is the very thing we find in the life of Jesus. If we want to show respect to someone, how do we do it?

Our culture uses a variety of tech­niques. We might let someone go in front of us. Respect can be indicated by seating placement (certain social situations have a head table). Respect can come in the form of words like Mr. and Mrs. We have titles such as pas­tor, doctor, president, and senator. There are cultures where people bow. We might inform someone of a deci­sion we are about to make and their si­lence can indicate respect.

Mark 7:25, describes this child as a daughter. How often do we see small children who have terrible problems, such as cancer, AIDS, heart problems, and blindness? Here is a child pos­sessed by a demon. Satan is so cruel that he afflicts our children. This woman was not a Jew; she was really outside the scope of the Lord’s min­istry. Yet, the problem was so severe and she was so desperate she came and she begged for Jesus to heal her daughter.

Are you facing a problem that seems so severe and you are not sure what to do? Then do like this woman fall at the feet of Jesus and beg. There are times when we as individuals, have to let go of having it all together. It is time for Godly women to enter into our bedroom closet or bathroom and shut the door. The bible says what we do in secret will be rewarded to us openly. Man is desperate because of sin. We cannot solve the problem of sin on our own. Even professional help will not take care of sin; we need di­vine help.

Jesus came to provide that divine help and our response to His salvation should be thankfulness. The angels in heaven even know who is in charge. Scripture informs us that they worship around the throne night and day cry­ing Holy, Holy, Holy. If we truly realized and understood who Jesus was, God in the flesh, (Jn. 1:14), and who He is now (one who has all authority, Mt. 28), we would be at His feet, which lit­erally means a life surrendered to and dedicated to doing the will of God.

I in­vite you to join me at the feet of Jesus. Peace and Blessings.

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