Churches making history


History was made Sun., Aug. 9, in the city of St. Petersburg.  There was an afternoon service celebrating the First Pastoral Anniversary of Rev. Dr. Doral R. Pulley, the Spiritual Leader of Unity of Midtown. Rev. Frank Peterman, the Senior Pastor of Rock of Jesus Baptist Church, was the guest speaker.  Rev. Peterman brought his ministerial staff, choir and members of his congregation to the fellowship service.

In the 57 Year history of Unity of Midtown (formerly Unity Temple of Truth Church), there had never been an afternoon service with a Baptist church and speaker. The service was an amalgamation of the Baptist tradition of hand clapping and foot stomping as well as Unity practices of meditation and affirmations.  Parishioners from both congregations entered the service a little nervous not knowing what to expect.  Congregants left the service feeling inspired saying that their hearts and minds were open to endless possibilities.

Rev. Peterman gave a profound message entitled, “Uncommon Leadership” from I Corinthians 3:6-7.  The two ministers have planned another fellowship service before the year is out with Dr. Pulley and Unity of Midtown serving as the guest speaker and congregation at Rock of Jesus.

History continues to be made this week with Pastor Wm. Mark Greene and Travelers’ Rest Missionary Baptist Church closing out the pastoral anniversary services at 4 p.m. at Unity of Midtown 511 Prescott St. S.

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