City resumes utility termination and late fees

ST. PETERSBURG — The suspension of non-payment fees and shutoffs for City of St. Petersburg utility customers enacted in March in response to COVID-19 will be ending. The city will resume the standard policies for termination of utility services due to non-payment and subsequent late fees and termination notice fees, as utilities across the country have done.

Beginning July 20, the city will resume assessing late fees. Termination notice fees will follow on July 24. Termination of service for non-payment will resume on Aug. 3. Utility customers with past-due balances will be receiving a letter from the city notifying them of their status and next steps.

The City of St. Petersburg understands that these are challenging times and has allocated resources to help customers behind their utility bills. Extended payment arrangements are available, allowing customers to pay their current monthly bill along with a series of six monthly installments on their delinquent balance.

Active payment arrangements will suspend termination of service for delinquent bill amounts. Customers can call the Utility Customer Service Call Center at 727-893-7341 or email to make payment arrangements.

The Utility Customer Service Call Center is open 8-5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Customers are encouraged to make payment arrangements with the city as soon as possible to avoid the associated fees resuming on July 20.

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