Cold in Florida


TALLAHASSEE — A cold front has hit Tallahassee and students are trying their best to adjust to the cold wind and air.

According to the Tallahassee Democrat, “an outbreak of Arctic air is bringing unusually cold weather to Florida.”

The state capital broke its low-temperature record for the day as temperatures were at a low 22 degrees this morning.

The previous record low for the day was 27 degrees, set in 1993, the Weather Service said.

The north Florida area has been informed of possible hard-freeze warnings and anticipates that the cold won’t stop until the weekend.

The high for Tuesday was forecasted at 54 with rain; the normal high for this time of year is 69. Today was a high of 55 with an overcast. Warm weather is right around the corner though, with a high 68 on Saturday and 76 on Sunday.

Students are trying to stay as warm as possible with heated classrooms, buses and more.

Jashari Holloway, a senior psychology student from Orlando is still adjusting to the crazy weather.

“I’m from Orlando so I’m not used to it getting this cold outside. I have to wear layers and make sure I wrap up so I don’t get a cold.”

The City of Tallahassee Utilities Department’s standard advice is to keep your heat at 68 degrees or your lowest comfortable temperature.

“The key is to dress warmly and go low on the thermostat. It makes a difference if a home or apartment has south-facing windows to let the sun in during the day and keep your blinds closed at night,” said Bob Seaton, a representative of the city’s utilities department.

Heating bills could double if you’re not cautious of your home’s temperatures. Purchasing a space heater can also be helpful and can prevent a big bill.

The city also offers a free energy audit for those who are concerned about how much they’re spending on their energy bill. For more information you can visit the City of Tallahassee Utilities website at

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