Daveanand: Ready to move on

ST. PETERSBURG — Daveanand Jairam had always dreamed of marching down the aisle donning a cap and gown. Now since that time has come, he’s ready to move on. As a graduating senior from St. Petersburg High School, he realized that school was a time to experience new things and make mistakes.

“Learning from those mistakes and the new experiences I encountered helped improve me as a person,” said Daveanand. When I arrived as a freshman it felt like I was starting a new chapter in my life. I was new to the whole high school experience, but was excited to see what four years at St. Pete High had to offer me.”

Daveanand took AP and honors courses throughout high school because of his eagerness to learn more than what was offered in regular classes. These courses tested his academic ability, which was good because he loves a good challenge.

As a student trying to be more social with the student body, he attended many school events hosted each year, as well as joined a few clubs. He feels it was one of the smartest decisions he made while in high school because it allowed him to meet new people.

Aside from the people he met who became friends, St. Pete High had many traditions that Daveanand thought were cool because they were original. Participating in them made him feel a part of the Green Devil family. Then came a pivotal moment.

“My high school experience wasn’t always pleasant because it was also filled with tragedy,” said Daveanand, as he began to reflect and fight to stay in the moment.

Two years ago his father passed away during the first week of his junior year. This event affected the way he performed academically and interacted with others.  Daveanand became depressed, pushed away those who cared about him and his grades started to fall.

“The low grades I received that year made me realized I needed a change. I couldn’t let this tragic event affect me any longer,” he said.

Those earlier years when Daveanand spent time making connections and building relationships began to pay huge dividends. With the help of friends, family and teachers, he became more accepting of what had happened and over time his grades improved. So did his character.

“I know if my dad were here he would be proud of the man I have become,” said Daveanand.

One of his passions throughout high school was acting. He joined the theater and became a thespian, which he thought was a big accomplishment. Daveanand participated in many plays, musical and even lip-synching dance competitions.

“I will never forget troupe 2559 because the Thespian Honor Society has helped me improve myself as a person through character, friendship and confidence,” he averred.

As he moves on in the world, he will be able to say, without a doubt, that he had an amazing high school experience.

“I will reminisce on the memories I shared at St. Petersburg High School for years to come.”

In the fall, Daveanand will begin St. Petersburg College for two years and then move on to the University of Florida in Gainesville. He plans to pursue a career in computer science, and of course, his love of acting and theater.

Daveanand’s dream of graduating from high school has become a reality. Now will come new challenges, friendships and acting groups.  Thanks to the many experiences at St. Petersburg High, and with his diploma securely in hand, Daveanand is ready to move on!

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