Donald Trump: Too thirsty to be president

Dear Editor,

Eight years ago people cried because their departed love ones were not present to witness the election of President Barack Obama. This year another glass ceiling could be broken if America chooses the most qualified candidate over the most unqualified one.

Senator, secretary of state and former First Lady Hillary Clinton has been in the public spotlight for almost 4o years. Donald Trump has been a successful businessman who has made money and even supported the Clintons in the past. They both are unpopular for major presidential candidates.

“Crooked Hillary” ‘is what Trump calls Clinton. How does Clinton’s email affect your everyday life? Trump invited the Russians to hack the emails of American officials, yet he claims she violated nation security.

Trump’s suggestion or joke is questionably a form of treason. How could a person who wants to lead the free world encourage a government run by an ex-KGB officer to hack emails of any American?

Can we call him “Traitor Trump or Donny Treason?” The Republican candidate loves to dummy down complex problems into schoolyard chants. Look at way he has talked about: women, POW and the disabled.

Look how Trump has handled the parents of fallen hero Captain Humayan Khan. True, the Khans did call out Trump at the DNC because Trump had been defaming and scapegoating Muslims Americans from the very start of his campaign. The Republicans brought out the family of Benghazi victims to blame Clinton but then cried foul when Captain Khan’s parents appeared.

Trump, forever the bully, attacked a grieving mother because she stood silent while her husband spoke. Just like Hillary said, would you want a guy so easily baited by tweets and critics with his hands on nuclear weapons? All Trump had to do was acknowledge Captain Khan’s sacrifice and move on; instead, he upset many other Gold Star Families for Peace by comparing his business loses to the loss of loved ones in battle.

Compare Trumps’ handling of the Khan affair with the quiet strength of people like Tony Dungy, who was recently inducted into the Football Hal of Fame. Trump lovers call quiet strength and calm restraint low energy and weak. I think Dungy is more qualified to be president than Trump! That is crazy you say? He is a football coach! What is Trump? Which one would you most want your child to emulate?

Trump is too thirsty to be president. He is so self-adsorbed that he told a Christian audience he had a problem admitting mistakes. He questioned the wisdom and legitimacy of President Obama and praised Vladimir Putin. The Trump people even managed to get the anti-Russian platform out of the Republican convention. The GOP calls Obama’s response to Russian aggression weak in the Ukraine, while nominating a man who would be a Putin puppet.

Double standard, much? Offensives that would sink other people are overlooked when Trump does it. He says, “Let’s make America great again.” What that means to many is “let’s make America hate again.”

Trump is playing on the fears and disappointments of many people who feel left behind in a slow economy. President Obama brought to justice a terrorist that the Bush administration couldn’t seem to find; yet, Trump said Obama is weak. ISIS wants Trump to win!

Trump’s candidacy has encouraged racism because he refuses to admit there is a systemic race problem in America. A Republican in the White House along with a Republican Congress and a Conservative Supreme will spell endless unrest in a country that has way too many guns.

When Clinton left the White House in 2000, there was a surplus and no wars. Eight years later there was a historic recession and military quagmires in Afghanistan and Iraq. Trump, the reality television star, has not ruled out the use nukes in Mideast. He has also given a wink and nod to Putin by saying that some in NATO might lose protection if they have not paid up.

This is not just a choice between two people who don’t turn you on. We’re not talking about football teams. If this reality star messes up his lines we may all get fired. The Donald Trump Show is no longer a comedy.


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