Facing What’s Forward

Thoughtful Consideration: What Do You Do When Failure Comes Up in Your Forward? Scripture: Genesis 4: 1 – 7

Preface: Failed moments are NOT for blaming, learn from a failed moment- looking within and being reflective to be better! With that, there are two choices to make:

  1. Get Angry…which is only going to make things worse.
  2. Find the meaning of the failure..which establishes an opportunity for things to get BETTER! Being mindful of the power of anger, how often has unchecked anger led to punishment or seeking revenge on someone? If we are being honest with ourselves, this happens more times than not, but this is not God’s way. Our desires should prayerfully align with God’s directions and instructions for living a life that pleases Him.

Points to Ponder:

  1. Look for God’s Connection: God rejects what was done, essentially sin, but He continues to love you and I. Further, God wants us to make some adjustments. He is not ‘mad’ at us. (verse 6)
  2. Listen to God’s Correction: God corrects us to remain in alignment with his desires to bless us. When we take inventory of the correction, we are in a posture to receive what God is asking of us and what pleases Him the most. verse 7)
  3. Live by God’s Counsel: Caution: We have to get our emotions under control before something unpleasant and unnecessary happens! Consider that anger leads to sin, reference Cain’s actions in the murder of his brother. More appropriately, there is a better strategy, manage anger, refrain from letting anger manage you!  We are to manage our emotions, (anger) by monitoring it to determine the level of intensity and ministering to the anger by using God’s holy word and GODLY people to control it. (verse 7)

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