Five Egg-ceptional Summer Recipes

When it comes to family gatherings and cookouts, you want to serve nothing but the best. That’s why eating smart starts with picking high-quality ingredients that you can feel good about.

High in protein, rich in flavor and filled with omega-3 essential fatty acids, eggs provide a healthy, nutrient rich protein. Unfortunately, about 86 percent of eggs consumed in the United States are from caged hens that live their entire lives in cramped indoor cages with little or no room to spread their wings.

The happy egg co. is the first American Humane Certified free-range egg producer in the United States that provides each hen with access to 21.8 square feet of outdoor space during the daytime. When hens have the freedom to spend their days foraging outdoors, they not only live happier lives, but their eggs also show the quality benefits. In both taste and appearance, the rich, golden yolks signature of the happy egg co. make all of the difference when serving up eggs.

Below are five tasty recipes along with some egg-ucational facts that will make you feel good about the eggs you’re cooking with this summer:

  1. Italian Fried Egg and Portabella Burgers Although this recipe calls for a portabella mushroom in place of an all-beef burger — protein-lovers, fear not. This burger packs a flavor punch with a cooked-to-perfection fried egg on top.

    Egg-ucational fact: While “cage free” hens aren’t kept in wire cages, they are still confined indoors for their entire lives. The happy egg co. ensures that each of its free-range hens has liberal outdoor access to socialize and exhibit natural behaviors.

    Italian Fried Egg and Portabella Burgers

  1. Deviled Eggs – Each of these tasty, savory deviled egg recipes put a spin on the traditional party appetizer. A quick tip for serving: cut eggs into wedges instead of halves; this allows people to sample more flavors.

    Egg-ucational fact: The majority of U.S. eggs come from caged hens that only have 67 square inches of space – no bigger than a standard sheet of paper. The happy egg co. gives each hen 21.8 square feet of outdoor space to roam freely and stretch her wings.

  1. Fruity Custard Filled Cupcakes– You won’t believe how easy these red-white-and-blue dessert treats are to make. This egg-based dessert pipes custard into the center of each cupcake for a delicious surprise when you go in for a bite.

    Egg-ucational fact: “Organic” eggs come from hens that are fed non-GMO/pesticide-free feed, yet they are still not given enough access to the outdoors. The happy egg co. hens are fed high-quality nutrient-rich food, along with a pasture-foraged diet.

Pizza Burgers

  1. Chorizo and Cheese Egg Bake – This make-ahead, cheesy baked egg dish is perfect to prepare the night before and throw in the oven first thing in the morning. This recipe pairs eggs with all kinds of delicious Mexican flavors for a true crowd pleaser.

    Egg-ucational fact: “Free-range” often means hens have access to the outdoors, but are limited to just two square feet per hen. The happy egg co. ensures that its hens are free to roam in green pastures, fresh air and sunlight.

    Bacon Turkey Burgers with Pineapple Aioli

  1. Egg and Heirloom Panzanella Salad – Impress a crowd by whipping up this refreshing, yet hearty, egg and heirloom tomato panzanella salad. This dish hits on all different tastes and textures – salty, crispy, velvety and sweet.

    Egg-ucational fact: Despite brand imagery, “farm fresh” eggs often still come from hens that are kept in cages. The happy egg co. pioneers hen welfare, giving its girls freedom to enjoy happier lives.

    Argentinian Beef Burgers with Chimichurri

Happy Egg Co.

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