I AM Strength


Scripture – “Let the weak say that I AM strong (Joel 3:10).”

Our scripture for today was one of the most challenging scriptures for me to grasp.  I felt like it was telling me to lie. If I was weak, why say that I AM strong. If I was experiencing a moment of weakness, why not just be honest and say, “I’m weak?” If I felt weak, why pretend to be something that I was not.  How could I be in integrity and say something that was not the case? I felt like I was living in denial of the facts and playing mind games.

Today, I realize the power of my words.  I have the power to speak those things which be not as though they were until they are (Romans 4:16). The more that I say I AM weak, the weaker I feel. When I say that I AM weak, I AM only feeding the weakness and the weakness continues to increase. Regardless of how weak I feel, when I say that I AM strong, I feel stronger and I begin to operate in that strength. I have

As my consciousness continues to expand, I learn that I AM is not weak. I AM is my true nature and I AM is never weak. I AM is my true identity and I AM is always strong. Even in the face of the most challenging situations, the I AM in me always gave me strength to jump over hurdles.  When I center myself and become fully aware of the I AM presence that is in me, I AM empowered to overcome obstacles.  When I remember my true identity (strength), I AM able succeed despite what appears to be insurmountable odds.

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