Is Jesus God, Part 3

Praise the Lord.

As much as I wanted to move forward with this subject God had me to sit back and observe the sparks that would emit from it before proceeding.

WOW, was I surprised to learn and see the results.  It appears that there is somewhat of a secret unspoken that has been handed down from the Sanhedrin council of our day.  From a reliable source I learned that my name is taboo and not to be spoken nor what I say repeated for fear of you too being ostracized from the clergy community.

The saddening thing of it all is not that I am wrong in my preaching and teaching but that I am unveiling truths that haven’t been taught and if implemented could and would turn the entire practices that have been used for decades, if not over a century, upside down and they would have to start all over, not necessarily from scratch, but pretty close.

The very subjects that God has been having me write about are classical examples of such.

Now, I’m also finding out that the very reason I’ve been given the slant eyes from those that early on were what had appeared to be of a friendly nature, is due solely because of this shunning.

I have no other recourse other than to say simple what the Apostle Paul said when confronted, have I become your enemy because I tell you the truth?  If so, then so be it but remember when God’s wrath is poured out, you drew first blood, as Rambo declared.

I will keep those connected in prayer as a true servant of God would do as in the many times Moses and Abraham had to do for the people who were God’s chosen, but time and time again, they overstepped God’s grace and mercy and found themselves regretting it.

I felt that I would get this out and, in the limelight, so that you guys that do want to know the true Word of God and what it truly says and most importantly, what it truly means, beware the pat on the back and the suspectedly smile in your face whenever you mention something you either heard or read that came from me.

So, I’m considered contrary and a clergy pariah to the extent that nothing I say, preach or teach is wrong, its just that many feel I’m not qualified to be the one to bring forth these truths.

Well, that could be considered true if you want to look from a materialist point of view.  Well, maybe in times past but that’s not the case now and I guess that if you want to live in a time that doesn’t exist, you can stay there and believe what you see.

Some have said that I made them to feel inferior and for the life of me I can’t ever remember saying or doing anything that would make them feel such a way, especially when God held back from blessing me for so long so much the more, I didn’t believe it was ever gonna come.  But, now that it has happened, is continuing to happen, and I’m not gonna do anything that would hinder Him continuing to do so in the future, it would appear from the surface that what they had felt was true.

That’s not the case and this is how Satan has been given unauthorized entry. I have been writing with the same fire as when I started over eight years ago when Lyn approached me and asked me to and I will never stop.

We live in a sin sick society and it appears that so many have been compromised and bought and this ushered in the kinder, gentler watered-down sugar-coated James Brown entertaining form of preaching and it’s brought about such dangerous times that now that they are regretting the outcome, they want to turn back the hands of time or for some superficial attempt, pray away the monster you have unleashed on your people.

God is not a man that He should lie or the Son of Man that He should repent.  I stand on let God be true and EVERY man a liar when it comes to preaching and teaching God’s Word! GOD’S WORD! NEVER MAN’S OPINIONS OR TWISTED INTERPRETATIONS.

Sorry for the mind rant, but you must know and be warned that when things like this arise, you must be given the way of escape to your panic room.  However, when you choose to stay out in the storm, remember you were granted grace and mercy but you chose door #1 that had the old clunker and not the beautiful trip and car which were behind door #3.

As of this writing, I learned that one of the well-known clergies has been released due to certain deeds and the beat goes on.

Much prayer for him and his family.

I’ve been teaching on the importance of preaching and how we will be held accountable even if we stay where we know God is no longer there and you will not be granted exemption just because your grand parents and parents went there and you were raised up there.  If you are of age to know better and you still choose to stay, it will be on you.  Now your blood will be on that leaders’ hands but you will still be made to answer as to why you stayed.

I know change is hard but know this, hell is hot, and as I always said, I didn’t get saved just to go to hell for anyone or anything in this life.

I’ll continue this next week, not the rant but Is Jesus God. Lol

Till next week,

Blessings Bishop Dr. Robert L. Harrison, Jr.

Aka Bishop Buzzkill

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