Is Jesus God?

Praise the Lord.

I forgot to mention something that has stuck with me every since Pastor Rainey told me this and it is so profound that I would be remiss if I didn’t speak on it.  It will also Segway into the message this week. He stated that it wasn’t until his eighties that God revealed to him the truth of His gospel, the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

I thought that this was perplexing at first but that was on the surface.  When you look just a bit deeper you begin to see the significance and most incredible hidden message behind this.  A man of God, who had been ministering for over a half a century had acknowledged that he didn’t get the fullness of God’s message till later in life and that he now must go tell on the mountain top so to speak.

Although he explained to me that this message wasn’t received with open hearts and minds, Pastor Rainey didn’t deviate from this newfound truth.  So much the more, he was led to go a different path until he could find those that would receive this message.

This leads me into the message on this week that deals with foundational principles and teaching that should be the basis for any and all churches that proclaim to be God’s church and that they believe in and teach Jesus Christ.

Well, if this were true, which its not completely, then these next messages that God has led me to speak on will be easily and quite openly received, believed, and once believed, implemented and practiced.  Let’s be serious and real for a brief moment, we know that once we plunge down the rabbit hole, most are immediately looking for something to grab hold of to stop the downward fall because not knowing where we will land brings about uncertainty and uncertainty breeds fear and well, where there is fear, faith is lacking.

As you should be able to tell from the title, this message is one of those, oh boy, here he goes again.

Well, it’s not mine, it’s the Lord’s because as I always say, I didn’t pin one word, dot one I or cross one t.

Let’s use Eph 4:5 as our foundational scripture,

5 one Lord, one faith, one baptism.

Simple right?  Not so.

It’s just like Matt 28:19, very simple if you really look at what was said, however, man has done such a masterful job of polluting God’s word that so many are doing their own thing and claiming it’s God’s will and that couldn’t be further from the truth.

One lord is the one we will address first because if you don’t have this one right, EVERYTHING you base your entire ministry on is faulty and unscriptural.  I know this hurts but I would rather endure the pain briefly for finding out I was wrong than to be accused of teaching false doctrine which means everyone I taught is subject to the punishment of practicing false teachings and we know where that will lead if we were to complete our life cycle doing so.

I’m now going to give you several scriptures at a time then break each one down.  There are over 20 but I my not post them all at this time but will between the next few weeks, just as I ALWAYS do, let the Holy Spirit lead and guide me.

Deut 6:4, connects with Mark 12:29

Isa 43:11, 44:6

Gen 1:1 connects with John 1:1, 14, 3:16

Jam 2:19

1 Cor 8: 6-7

1 Tim 3:16

Rev 1:8, 22:11-21

1 John 5:6-8

Its gonna take those that are spiritually minded and Spirit led, notice the uppercase S, meaning Holy Spirit not your own spirit, to follow and receive this newfound truth that has been in the scriptures since the beginning of time.

Also, for those that believe that Jesus was JUST Mary’s baby and a man and a prophet, this teaching will now release you from those shackles and yokes and free you to accept this truth and now join the winning team.

You can go ahead and read the scriptures I have given if you choose to but I believe that if you are patient and wait for the spiritual revelation of the scriptures, it will help you to digest them better and go down smoother.  This will aid you when and if you decide to point them out to your religious leader.

And for the record, I take offense to being labeled as some have said and will continue to mumble that we are oneness pentecostalists.  Man, just saying that in one breath is tiring and wasteful. Remember that most have built their entire foundation on faulty ground and they are not willing to tear down the building that rests on that foundation, destroy that foundation, and rebuild a new better, true foundation.  To them, its easier to just attack quacks like me who be going around bullying false doctrines into submission and alienate and insulate ourselves with God’s only true Word.

Hmm, an island of born-again saints or a world of churched religious folks that won’t accept God’s Word as true?  No brainer for me. What about you?

Let’s end on this one, where do you find yourself, church member, born again believer, or saint of God?

Before you answer know this, that there are qualifiers for each and I will discuss next week.

Till next week,


Bishop Robert L. Harrison, Jr., PhD

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