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ST. PETERSBURG – The wonders that a little makeup will do for the confidence of a young lady is remarkable.  For Taylor McDonald, by wearing makeup, she discovered what most people could already see—her beauty.

Making her face up became an escape from reality. It opened up her creativity and took it to another level. Taylor learned the proper application and the benefits that makeup brings. Since that wonderful day when she discovered that she could feel different and add new excitement to her life, she has been perfecting her craft. It has made a difference and even brought a positive change to her life.

Her interest in makeup started in the eighth grade. Throughout elementary and middle school, Taylor struggled with self-confidence and frowned upon the reflection she saw in the mirror.  She found herself worrying about how others judged her simply because of her looks.

“Although I was outgoing, laughed ridiculously loud and made friends, finding makeup changed my life for the better,” said Taylor. “Fortunately, makeup became my escape from reality.”

It gave her a feeling of acceptance because it enhanced what she felt was an imperfect image. Taylor was not afraid to be herself anymore, and an artist emerged.

“The artistic thoughts that I couldn’t write on paper at school became the fabulous artwork on my face.”

Taylor is a beautiful young lady, but it was the makeup that gave her the confidence. She credits the use of makeup for helping her become the confident person she had always wanted to be.

Not just a pretty face, Taylor excelled academically and in the community. She attended Lakewood High School’s Center for Advance Technologies (CAT) program where she expanded her knowledge of computer basics, programming and cyber security.

The demands of the program made it difficult for Taylor to be involved in extracurricular activities. However, she made it a point to make time for others as well as herself.

Taylor, featuredShe was a member of the AKAdemy, attended Mt. Zion College Prep, was a member of Future Business Leaders of America and a 2017 Debutante.

Academically, Taylor received recognition for frequenting the honor roll list, won the Mac J. Williams Award and graduated with a 3.4 weighted grade point average.

She will attend the University of South Florida in the fall to study business administration. She aspires to be a realtor and a business owner.

Taylor is the daughter of Ondria and Don McDonald.

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