My brother District Elder Lenton

Praise the Lord Saints.

This week I’m sadden by the loss of a friend, fellow faithful servant of God, devoted husband and father, fellow devil dog and brother in arms.

My brother District Elder Lenton Willis transitioned this past Saturday unexpectedly and it was a great loss to all that knew him.

He was one of the good ones that we feel left too soon.

The First Lady and my hearts go out to Sister Joyce Willis and his entire family.  She already knows how we feel and know we are here ready, willing and able to do all we can for her during this time.

I will miss his great smile and always clean, sharp threads (that’s dressing to you all young folks).

Love you, miss you brother.

Shout out to a young brother that is taking on the true spirit of entrepreneurship.  Big Brother Rick’s shop called R&R Pressure Washing and Mobile Car Detailing, located at 527 49th St. S in St. Pete.

They did a super job as always on my vehicles and for a fraction of what you would pay at all the other car detailing places around. Sorry, Pro*** but I gotta support my small black-owned businesses, especially this young brother who employs several young black teens.

This is how you take what hand you are given and do and not complain that you don’t have enough, need more grants or whatever.

I’m proud of the young brother and told him I would give them a shout out in my column this week.

This is what it’s all about.

I will be back next week to continue with Battle scars: When the church wounds its own, part 4.This ain’t over by a long shot.

I haven’t seen or heard any other pastors speak to this subject but there needs to be so that we can collectively address it head on and move to have it removed so that the people of God, especially the 26,000 plus that are unchurched, can come back home and feel welcomed with open arms.

I know I would welcome them.

FYI, 2800 41st Ave. N, across the street from the Whizz Inn corner store on 28th Street North, our service time for now is Sundays at 2:30 pm.  I can assure you that you might miss the kickoff but you will be home before the start of the second quarter.

We are untraditional in the sense that I teach what’s in the instruction manual (Bible). Not a bunch of fillers. Ain’t gone be no ushering in the spirit, you should already be ready to receive once you walk into the sanctuary.

Cut the greens on low and come on out. I promise you won’t leave the way you came, in Jesus’ name.

Till next week.


Bishop Elect Dr. Robert L. Harrison, Phd

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