New Year’s Resolutions

Mayor_Rick_Kriseman_w200Mayor Rick Kriseman  — “In 2015, I will continue our commitment to building a city of opportunity for all, with a sharp focus on the areas of greatest need in our community. This means diligent work and partnership every day to build better schools, businesses and neighborhoods throughout St. Petersburg – in a way that delivers a brighter future for everyone fortunate enough to call our city home.”

Rene FlowersRene Flowers — “For the last five years I have taken to a “New Year’s Prayer” rather than a resolution in that resolutions, for me, do not hold me to a commitment. To each of you, my prayer for 2015 is for my community to realize the jewel that it is! I pray that all that makes us unique and different is something that we celebrate and are not envious of. I pray that the youth feel the love that has been poured out from our ancestors over the last 2000 years – the lineage of kings, queens, prince, and princesses. I pray that we celebrate the seniors in our community for the hard roads traveled and the wisdom they have imparted upon those with an ear to listen and a heart of understanding. I pray that this year is a prelude to the goodness of who we are, the essence of who we were and the richness of what is yet to come.”

Jeff CopelandJeff Copeland — “To get 1,500 people registered to vote and make sure they actually do it. Also get 50 successful black people involved in the community (who aren’t already) helping our neighborhoods build positive business and personal relationships, return to self-sufficiency and fight for the equality and fair treatment for all.”

Carla BristolCarla Bristol — “To continue the mission of Gallerie 909 by exposing more adults and children in the community to the arts while maintaining and growing the business.”

Anthony FerrentinoAnthony Ferrentino — “To takeoff weight and take care of my health.”

Nikki Gaskin-CapehartNikki Gaskin-Capehart — “I resolve to remain focused on encouraging, supporting and developing opportunities for our community to shine in a way that centers around people, while asking God to continue to bless the work of my hands as I focus on progress!”

Margaret DeBellotte-TorresMargaret DeBellotte-Torres — “To be more focused on the community projects that I have committed to.”

Boe NorwoodBoe Norwood — “To have a strong relationship with family, good health and to further Pinellas Technical College’s relationship with the community.”

Samantha RichardsonSamantha Richardson — “Stay healthy, stay committed and continue to involve children in community projects.”

Deborah Figgs-SandersDeborah Figgs-Sanders — “I resolve to not be someone wanting to be ‘all that,’ but just someone that God can use.”

Darryl RousonDarryl Rouson — “To try to do bigger and better things for the community, to continue to reinvent myself and be more attentive to my sons’ needs.”

Gwen ReeseGwen Reese — “In 2015 I will spend more time finding what is authentic for me and making changes so that I can live even more authentically than I currently do.”

Pastor Rainey

Pastor Rainey

Pastor Martin Rainey — “To increase family engagement in the lives of children, more specifically, the lives of struggling children.”

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