Obstruction, that’s what Republicans do to Obama and you


Dear Editor,

Don’t you just love those GEICO commercials and how they make fun of common traits that manifest themselves at importune times? Much like republican politicians and office seekers instead of working with the president undermines his every move.

These people would rather obstruct and gridlock than go to work and do the bidding of the people who are depending on them to govern. Maybe they are operating at the behest of some of those who voted for them, or perhaps there’s an unwritten rule that says “don’t work with President Obama even if the country struggles while we player hate.”

That is what these republicans do.

Saturday, Supreme Court Judge Anthony Scalia died. President Obama gave a solemn and appropriate acknowledgment to the judge’s passing and legacy. He has on many occasions assumed the role of “Consoler-In-Chief” when it comes to deaths of noted public figures and national tragedies. Probably no speaker since Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan has been as poignant and so effective in leading national mourning.

President Obama did not ignore his responsibility as president to laud this man who was often a powerful and vocal opponent. However, we cannot say his republican “wannabe successors” are traveling down the same high road.

The six remaining republican presidential candidates stated, along with the senate majority leader, that they did not want President Obama to do his lawfully mandated obligation to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice to replace Scalia.

This mandate comes from the Constitution of the United States! Texas Senator Cruz, a lawyer who had tried cases in front of the Supreme Court, joined in on this chorus of obstruction.

Mr. Cruz wants to be president, along with Mr. Rubio who claims there is a historical precedence for a lame duck chief executive not to send a nominee.

Does anyone think for one minute had this been Reagan or Bush that these “distinguished gentleman” would ask the president to abstain from doing his duty?

Obstruction and hypocrisy—that is what these republicans do!

Never mind there are several important cases that are pending this year before the Supreme Court. With Scalia gone it is a four-four split between liberals and conservatives; laws can be sent back down to lower courts if the votes in the Supreme Court are split.

They are afraid President Obama will tilt the court towards the progressives; yet, we have had to endure the right leaning for years as it helped chip away at the Voting Rights Act passed in 1964.

These republicans are still trying to rob President Obama of the healthcare act as they tie the court up again with another challenge to Obamacare. Ask the black citizens of Flint, Mich., about the response of the republican governor to the mercury in their drinking water, drinking water that is poisoning young black children while he cut costs. Not that democrats are angels either, but remember the last time a republican was in the White House?

Bill Clinton left a surplus with no wars. Barack Obama gets no credit for an improved economy after the worst recession in history that he inherited from them. When was the last time Ben Carson talked about the price of gas or how much he will spend financing another useless war?

Four people in Libya killed and millions of dollars in a witch-hunt; 10 children possibly dead in Flint from bad water, and where is the republican outrage?

Still Rubio will call President Obama a disgrace; bless his delinquent from work heart.

Blaming President Obama for their lack of leadership and cooperation even at the expense of the American people is what these republican candidates do best.

– – Rivers Cleveland

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