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In the spotlight are local children available for adoption into your family.

PINELLAS COUNTY — One Church One Child of Florida acknowledges the children who need a permanent family. There are children all over Florida waiting in foster care for a forever-loving family to call their own. Continue to pray for them, and consider making them a part of your family through adoption or a part of your church through the Watch-Care Project, for support and mentoring.


Josy is a beautiful young woman, inside and out. She has a tender, sweet spirit, and has no problem with showing just how much she cares for others. She loves to play sports and to be outdoors, and she’s also got quite the creative streak. She’s a very talented artist, especially in drawing, and hopes to work in the arts when she grows up.

Josy is a great, loyal friend, with an easy laugh and a welcoming personality. But even with her long list of friends, she never fails to make time for her little brother, who she loves very much. The two of them just click, and she’s as protective over him as big sisters come. They are practically joined at the hip!


Much like his big sister, Jicarri has a kind, sweet nature, and he makes friends pretty much anywhere he goes. He’s always ready with a smile and up for a fun adventure.

Jicarri enjoys regular, everyday activities with an infectious enthusiasm, and people are drawn to his buoyant spirit. He is a talented athlete and loves to be active, and he’s also very proud of his many academic achievements, including making honor roll! He’s not sure what he’d like to do when he grows up, but those who know him well think he’ll make a wonderful mentor or coach for younger kids.

These are two amazing kids who want nothing more than to find their forever family. Their ideal home would be one of similar ethnicity who makes church a priority and loves a lot of family time! They will thrive together in a two-parent or single-mother household that will give them the love, encouragement and consistency they crave.

If you are interested in knowing more about Josy and Jicarri and other children in foster care available for adoption, or if you would like to become a foster parent, mentor or volunteer, please contact LaKay Fayson, Recruitment Coordinator for One Church One Child of Florida, at (813) 985-7831 or The website for One Church One Child of Florida is

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