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Online vs. in-person school

Written by Shavion Hobbs, 15, Youth Farm Participant

As the 2020-21 school year approached and the pandemic raged on, parents had the opportunity to enroll their students in traditional, online or into Florida Virtual by withdrawing their child from their current school.

My name is Shavion Hobbs, and I choose online schooling to stay enrolled in my current school. Online schooling, for me, is very easy. I understand the curriculum that is being taught, and I can get the resources that I need.

The teachers are very helpful and accessible. The work is easily manageable, and they give us a reasonable amount of time for our due assignments. Not only that, but I feel safe for myself and my family.

As the first two weeks progressed, it was difficult for the students and teachers, but it got easier as time passed. I was curious about the in-person experience, so I interviewed a sophomore student named Anaya that attends Boca Ciega High School.

When asked if she felt safe, she responded, “Yes, I feel safe, because of the rules and guidelines in place at school, such as requiring a face mask covering to be worn over your mouth and nose at all times, social distancing throughout the school and having lunch at the end of the day to avoid large gatherings.”

However, Anaya feels that while her teachers are focusing on virtual students, she isn’t getting the attention she needs.

“I feel it is affecting my learning because teachers have to focus on in-class and virtual students at the same time.”

To better the learning environment, Anaya suggests “more in-class paper assignments presented to the kids in school rather than online assignments for them to complete.”

To me, school in person or online has little difference as far as benefits. They both allow you to feel safe and have a say in your learning preferences.

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