Parents of the Week Award

Increasing family and community engagement by 100 percent at Melrose

The Parent Support for Education Council, Inc. (PSFEC) continues its efforts to form a solid partnership to increase family engagement at Melrose Elementary. A major focus in the partnership is increasing family/school relationships.

When the community and school join together, all things including academics, discipline and attendance improve and students succeed. Family engagement strategies and activities are currently being planned. Call Pastor Rainey to join or support at (727) 420-1326).

One of the initiatives includes the parent award that is designed to celebrate family-parent engagement. The award is not a contest nor is it competitive; rather it’s an effort to bring attention the unsung heroes (parents, grandparents, family members and friends) who have a compassionate interest in the success of children.

Mrs. J. Lyons

Mrs. J. Lyons

Join with PSFEC in applauding Melrose’s recipients: Mrs. J. Lyons and Ms. Katisha Powell. Congratulations ladies!

Please note that the award is given to parents and or caring adults who, while encountering many challenges, are engaged in all aspects in the lives of children.

“In order to assist my children, I really have to know them and their capabilities. I make sure that I’m available when needed whether for support, nurturing or disciplining,” said Lyons, a mother of four.

Ms. Katisha Powell

Ms. Katisha Powell

Mrs. Lyons, you certainly seem to have your children’s success in mind. May the Lord continue to bless you and your family.

A mother of three, Powell puts her children’s education first. She encourages and assists them with homework, makes them do additional studying at home and enrolled them in after-school academic programs.

She communicates daily with the school by signing their agendas. She stresses the fact that teachers may contact her whenever the need arises.

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