Pinellas Suncoast Black Republican Club

ST. PETERSBURG — The inaugural gathering of the Pinellas Suncoast Black Republican Club drew an intergenerational, multi-ethnic audience of elected officials, local and state Republican Party representatives, new members and guests.

India Welch, a guest psalmist, ignited the audience with her rendition of Battle Hymn of the Republic.  The evening was off to a momentous start.  The focus was on the “Mosaic,” the collective of broken pieces, desperate situations and diverse people of color hailing from every nation, answering the call to follow African-American history and find their place among the Republican Party.

Sheila Griffin, the chair of the newly charted club, continued her encouragement to embrace the “party of our forefather” that will bring back entrepreneurship to the black community, restore family values and change the outlook for education through school choice and other options.  Vice Chair, Cassandra Jackson, Interim Secretary, Tom Cuba and Treasurer, George Farrell each joined in as a voice for political views of freedom and liberty that follow Judeo-Christian traditions.

Her inspiration was followed by the guest speaker of the evening, from the county’s grass-roots political headquarters, the new Pinellas County Republican Executive Committee, Chairman, Nick DiCeglie.   After his welcome, the Chairman delivered a rousing message on the crucial place this Black Republican Club serves as part of the county’s strategy.  DiCeglie invited everyone to join as an emergent force for change.

A guest who came to see what it was all about, Ernest McDonald, stood up in the middle of the meeting   and confessed that like many in the African-American community, his family is hardworking and conservative Christians.  But, for voter registration he was registered as an “Independent.”

Seizing upon the opportunity for truthful dialogue, the audience, state and local political representatives and the Chair of the PCREC spoke about the unknown history of the Republican contributions.  The history is not just in the founding of the party and state government, but in the recent gubernatorial offices where Bush and Christ appointed record numbers of firsts to the judicial bench at every level in the State of Florida.

The responsive dialogue of the crowd was electric. As each participant chimed in the comradery continued to build. Many times the language was different, but the interactive conversations about community and country found commonality in hard work, prosperity for our communities and values that support family life.

The Pinellas Suncoast Black Republican Club 2015 plan includes encouraging and training African-American leaders and those sensitive to our issues from communities from Tarpon Springs south to St. Petersburg.

“What our community has followed in the other party does not work,” said Griffin. “We don’t need one more entitlement program to teach our generations how to rely on government. What we need is empowerment and opportunity to stand up and facilitate our own destiny and raise up generations that fear God. We are industrious and ingenious; a great and gracious people and with the right tools we shall rebuild our communities.”

Monthly club meetings are held at the Sunshine Center, 330 5th St. S., St. Petersburg, at 6:30 p.m. on the first Thursday of the month. Please join us in March. For inquiry or reservation contact S. Griffin at, or go

4 Replies to “Pinellas Suncoast Black Republican Club”

  1. Dwight Young says:

    Hi and good evening. My name is Dwight Young and I am reaching out to you in regards to my candidacy for the U.S Senatorial seat. I would like to leave you my contact information and to let you know that it would be a pleasure to keep in touch with you. Hopefully, I am also able to meet with your organization and advise them of my platform. My number is 727-262-2931 and my website is Hopefully I will hear from you soon. Best regards.

  2. Maritzka says:

    Sheila Griffin was on News 8 this morning. She came across as a condescending chastizer. She couldn’t speak from her mind, constantly looking down at her prepared notes before beginning her next angry accusations. There wasn’t a gracious bone in her body which is a major complaint about the vicious Republican Party of today. You ran people off today Ms. Griffin, You can be proud of that.

    1. Dirk Jeanis says:

      Please, watch Joe Biden when he does this at virtually every speech or address he makes.
      The Republican Party is NOT vicious. The left is. In fact the left has deteriorated to a form of liberal socialist terrorism against conservatives of any kind.
      Delivering facts that are provable is not about grace, it is about truth. It may be easy for a leftist to smile and be gracious as they attempt to lie or disembowel an innocent or idea that has merit and been proven, mainly because those people have no moral compass to begin with. When someone actually BELIEVES in the truth it is hard to smile and be socially gracious when presenting such against the venomous who perpetrated the lie or condition.
      IN Some countries being able to smile and look one in the face when lying or “not-truthing” or “stabbing another in the back” is considered evil and there are many social sayings about this kind of person. In the USA it seems that is expected of the left especially and considered “justifiable” to further any leftist cause.
      However when the conservatives say something that is proven and or good for society and truly addresses the conditions that exist, somehow they are reduced by leftist to being “extreme” and “Fascist”.
      Yet the left itself accuses of fascism and is using the exact tactics that Hitler and Mussolini used in coming to power almost 100 years ago, fascist tactics and socialist teachings designed to overthrow governments and popular opinions with false rhetoric.
      Just like the recent White House Press Secretary faux pas. When White House statements regarding poll returns not being valid, then the White House repeatedly used poll numbers to state that the White House is doing the right things, she was asked (paraphrased) if all polls are wrong, are you just choosing which polls you wish to believe in?” Her answer: Have a nice thanksgiving all ( as she fled from the podium).
      Think about it.

  3. Brian says:

    I also watched Sheila Griffin on the News Channel 8 political show on Sunday 8/7. I was very impressed by her knowledgeable and passionate responses to the question posed. She appears to be a well spoken leader for this group. It was refreshing to see someone from the Black Republicans stand up for the truth. Here’s hoping all of your hard work produces a large following in Pinellas County.

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