Putting neighbor back in the hood

By Allen A. Buchanan, Staff Writer

ST. PETERSBURG – Last month, the Childs Park Neighborhood Association teamed up with Rental 2 Depot and other local neighborhood businesses to treat residents of all ages to a fun day of games, conversation, good food and a chance to enjoy each other’s company.

“We’ve been on a campaign to put neighbor back in the hood,” said Bro. John Muhammad, president of the Childs Park Neighborhood Association.

Muhammad went door to door throughout the Childs Park neighborhood to inform neighbors about the event. Several of the businesses donated gift cards that were raffled off.

During the fun, Muhammad encouraged everyone to sit next to people they weren’t familiar with so that they would get a chance to meet all of their neighbors.

There were plenty of vendors present and even a petition table collecting signatures for Say Yes To Second Chances.

“The petition is a drive to restore the full rights of those returning citizens who have committed felonies to get their right to vote,” said Muhammad.

Steve Dondero and Brandon Huggins of Rental 2 Depot opened up their business on 49th Street South three months ago. Already they’ve gotten into the spirit of community by providing food, drinks and their parking lot for the day of fun.

“We rent anything for your house to be improved,” said Dondero. “Our goal for the community is to not take from it but to give back to it.”

Rodrick Green of Clear Captions Telephone Service was also available at the neighborhood gathering. His goal for coming to the event fit in with what he likes to do in the community.

“We try to make sure we get out into the community and support any endeavor that provides a better service related to social and health matters,” said Green.

Childs Park resident Clifford Pitts provided delicious barbeque chicken and ribs for free to help feed the crowd.

If one had heard enough negative news, tweets and bigoted laced remarks over the week, this event was the place to be. Surely, the Childs Park Neighborhood Association put the neighbor back in the hood with good vibes for everyone involved.

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