Save Jordan Park

ST. PETERSBURG — The St. Petersburg Housing Authority is planning to renovate 206 units in Jordan Park, which is much needed. However, the other part of the plan would remove the sentimental and historical value of the place held dear for so many blacks who grew up there.

The public may speak for three minutes against the demolition of the nine historical Senior Village buildings at the next St. Petersburg Housing Authority board meeting June 28 at 10 a.m. at 2001 Gandy Blvd. N. You must register by calling Michelle Dennis at (727) 323-3171.

Pass this on to all interested in saving Jordan Park! This historical symbol of hope in the African-American community must be preserved.

Also, there have been 31 families who have been temporally displaced until the proposed 60 new units to replace the 31 is completed.

“My grandfather, Elder Jordan, gave St. Pete 26 acres to build a place where blacks would have decent housing,” said Basha Jordan, Jr. “Let’s not lose another piece of our rich heritage. All pastors and prayer warriors, please pray that God will give us the victory.”

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