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ALBANY, Ga. — The congregation at the historic Shiloh Missionary Baptist church welcomed Rev. Charles E. Burney as their new senior pastor Sunday, Feb. 12.

The son of Eugene and the late Eloise Burney, the St. Petersburg native was installed by Rev. Dr. Henry J. Lyons of New Salem Missionary Baptist Church in Tampa.

The congregation was extremely grateful that Rev. Burney agreed to accept the call as pastor. Since his arrival as interim pastor seven months ago, the church has grown with his provided energy, excitement and spiritual direction.

Aside from delivering weekly sermons that make God’s Word relevant in today’s world, Burney brings a broad range of skills and strengths to his shepherding work, including church planting, serving as a civil rights’ activist, building church ministries, authoring books, pastor and ministry leader, preaching at the local, regional and national levels and fellowship building.

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church is a historic landmark in Albany, Ga. It was one of two churches that worked hand-in-hand in the Albany Civil Rights Movement a half century ago.

The late Rev. H.C. Boyd, a civil rights leader who helped start the Civil Rights Movement in Albany, Ga., became pastor at Shiloh in 1959 at movement’s infancy. He left a profound historic legacy and a body of work that changed the life of citizens in Albany. At his death on June 25, 2016, he was the longest serving pastor in Georgia.

Choosing a leader that honored the church’s history and the works of Rev. Boyd while moving the church forward was essential to congregants, and the call of Rev. Burney to Shiloh occurred after much prayer. The members are excited and he is energized by the call to serve.

Rev. Burney stated that he seeks to assist Shiloh during this difficult time. He believes his call as pastor is an act of destiny that only God could orchestrate.

“I am humbled by the call and ready to serve the church and community. After much prayer my family and I are excited about joining the Shiloh family,” he said. “We have confirmation in our spirits about the great work and continued progress of the church.”

Rev. Burney brings with him his wife Dr. DeAnna Burney and son Charles E. Burney II.

With him at the helm, the church vows to move forward as a current and innovative church that will continue to impact the community and the civil rights of blacks in the area.

“Shiloh is not only a historic marker, but a destination point for the sin sick traveler, and for the local residents who are looking to learn history and also grow in their spiritual walk with a church family who loves and cares. Shiloh is a place of peace and love,” he finished.

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