Stuff happens!

BY MICHELLE LIGON, SPHA, Communications Officer

ST. PETERSBURG — Stuff happens! We all know this, and yet, preparing for emergencies is something we all tend to put off, unless and until a crisis happens to us. By that time, it’s all too often, too much, too little, or just too late to manage the drama to our most desirable conclusion.

Accordingly, and with nearly 4,000 households under management throughout the city, the St. Petersburg Housing Authority is being pro-active about helping residents with the task.

With a recent Health and Wellness Expo at the forefront of summer activities hosted at Jordan Park, all SPHA communities will be hosting emergency preparedness workshops during the next several months with special focus placed on a variety of all too common emergencies, including, but not limited to weather, health, fire and safety.

Residents of all ages will receive practical tips and tools for areas of common concern, such as first response, emergency communications, shelters, situation updates and more, as provided by experienced SPHA staffers, community partners and related service providers.

As the storm season is now upon us, the 2019 Pinellas County Hurricane Preparedness Guide is available at all SPHA communities. The guide is filled with practical training on how to recognize early warning signs, as well as when, who and where to call for help.  Residents are also learning what type of information to always have ready for first responders and what they can safely do while help is on the way.

Companion “Stay Woke” training efforts featuring “See Something…Say Something,” an early warning sign detection for health concerns is also provided for all resident age groups.  To further our mission-driven self-sufficiency efforts, SPHA is tasking presenters to discuss career opportunities in related emergency service areas as well.

As such, SPHA is helping residents take the lead on living their best life while preparing for emergencies that can be better managed through advanced preparation. As a strategically planned result, good things are growing better.

So, let it rain!  We got this!

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