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ST. PETERSBURG — For 11th graders who want to gain valuable college credits during the summer, St. Petersburg College is now accepting applications for its 2015 Cecil B. Keene Summer Enrichment Program (SEP).

The program, which will run from June 15 to July 23, is an opportunity for up to 30 applicants to take a Student Life Skills (SLS) course, go on field trips, tour college campuses and explore careers all while earning three college credits for free.

Cecil_Poster_2015 (3)Through the SEP, students will also have the chance to improve creative and critical thinking skills, life and time management techniques, study and test-taking strategies and interpersonal communication skills.

La Crecia Wright, coordinator of the program, looks forward to signing up new students for this year’s SEP, and affirmed that last year’s program was a huge success.

“We had 100 percent of the students reported in the program pass the course to receive three college credits!” she said. “All of the students received As and Bs.”

Wright added that a survey of students at program’s end attested that “100 percent of our students said they enjoyed the program, they believed the program was a positive learning experience, they felt more confident to succeed in college and felt the instructor was helpful.”

The program’s three instructors stress time management and organizational skills, Wright said, to get the students prepared for the rigors of demanding college level classes.
“A lot of them, when they initially came into the program, were lacking those skills,” she explained, “and this is a college course, so you have to stay on top of your assignments because they had assignments daily.”

Some of the larger assignments were group projects to promote and encourage students to work together as a team. In addition to the SLS course for credit, students took field trips to such locations as colleges, museums and even a fun-filled day at Busch Gardens. Wright said that the program continues to evolve from year to year.

“The kids told us they really wanted us to do more college tours,” she said, “so this year we’re looking to do just that.”

For the culmination of the summer program, Wright said, students speak directly to all the parents during an overview finale, during which many students talk about not only how much they’ve learned from the program but how much more prepared they feel to take another college course.

“It’s a great opportunity to obtain some rigor in 11th grade,” she said, “so they’re already more prepared for their 12th grade year.”

To participate in the SEP, applicants must currently be in 11th grade, have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 and must take the PERT test. The deadline to apply is Apr. 6.

For more information on the 2015 Cecil B. Keane Summer Enrichment Program, visit or call (727) 341-4376.

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