The Gathering of Women Inc., is adding a musical instrument program


ST. PETERSBURG – A music program is being added to The Gathering of Women Inc., youth’s program. However, before that can happen, they are in need of instruments.

What is needed?

Strings instruments: violin, viola, cello, keyboard, guitar, bass,

Woodwinds:  flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone

Brass: trumpet, French horn, trombone, tuba, baritone

Percussion: snare drums & bells

Instructors will be recruited from the community, and the program will last from August 26 to June 2018.

Approximately 30 students from ages 5-16 will be served. Once students are registered and enrolled, they will learn the mechanics of music. Topics will include how sound is produced in general and by specific instruments and how physics is related to music.

Gathering of Women Instruments, communityThere is a minimum of 28 lessons during the course of the year, sometimes more. All classes will be held on Saturdays. Each lesson will be 45 minutes and will be organized by instrument families.

The young children are not exposed to the instruments to master them, but to gain experience and to have a meaningful relationship with music at a young age.

The goal is to place a musical instrument into a child’s hands. They are looking for children who demonstrate a desire and a willingness to learn music.

The Gathering of Women believes that by sharing instruments and musical experiences, children who would not otherwise have the opportunity can experience a kind of freedom and self-discovery that is often stifled in an atmosphere of economic hardship.

Applications will be given out at the orientation or by contacting a member of the Gathering of Women. Please email for more information.

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