The inaugural Intergenerational Trivia Contest

BY KEIRSTEN JOHNSON, Carrera Program Mentor

ST. PETERSBURG — The Senior Advisory Council of the Enoch Davis Center held their first Intergenerational Trivia Contest with seniors versus youth Wed., May 14.  Sponsored by Norm Bungard, an accomplished humanitarian, and facilitated by educator Accilous Mincey, the event was a huge success.

Five seniors represented the Enoch Davis Center, located at 1111 18th Ave. S., and five youth represented their current school John Hopkins Middle School and the Carrera Summer and Afterschool Program that each youth attends. The night was filled with laughter, disappointment and an overall excitement for all who participated.

Smiles were brought to the faces of those who watched at the edge of their seats. Each team studied long and hard for weeks preparing for questions on African-American history. The competition between the two groups was high, but in the end the seniors won by a landslide.

The kids suspected chicanery was afoot, complaining that some of the material was not covered in their study sessions, but the information they retained over those weeks of preparation was not overlooked for two $499 checks were given to the youth and seniors for participating in the challenge along with certificates and trophies.

The money given was donated to their organization of choice, which was John Hopkins Middle School for the kids and the Enoch Davis Center for the seniors.

The event was dedicated to Yvonne C. Reed who is not only an educator and founder of the Yvonne C. Reed Christian School, but she was one of the judges for the contest alongside Wanda Johnson.

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