The new Dr. Aquaiel Troupe

Dr. Aquaiel Troupe, Pharm. D.

By Dexter L. McCree, Feature Writer

ST. PETERSBURG — Playing with baby dolls and EasyBake Ovens didn’t appeal to Aquaiel Troupe as a little girl. Watching television, however, did garner her attention, but cartons weren’t on her watch list. She would flip channels until she landed on some sort of medical drama.

With intense eyes, the young Aquaiel watched as the doctors performed emergency procedures and held out hope for the patient’s family to receive the good news that their loved ones would make a full recovery. Her love for the medical field increased through middle school with a desire to help people and families.

Dr. Troupe grew up in St. Pete and graduated summa cum laude from the Center for Wellness and Medical Professions at The Boca Ciega High School.

While in high school, she took an anatomy class, which helped narrow her medical focus. In her junior year, Dr. Troupe completed requirements to become a certified nursing assistant. As a senior, she also attended Pinellas Technical College, where she earned a Licensed Practical Nurse certification. Although she enjoyed the experience, it still was not enough to quench her learning thirst.

“While learning the job, my eyes were on the doctors handling the patients. I listened to them educate the people and knew that I wanted to be the one educating families on their medical track,” said Dr. Troupe.

She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Sciences from the University of South Florida, followed by a Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences from the University of Florida.  Although Dr. Troupe dreamed of being one of those doctors in the many medical dramas she watched as a child, she found pharmacology more intriguing. She loved the idea of incorporating chemistry, biology, and pharmacology to solve complex problems while building relationships with patients.

After graduation, Dr. Troupe found immediate employment at Ferrell Middle School in Tampa, where she served for three years as the school nurse. She loved serving the children but realized that something was missing.

She discovered that many parents weren’t educated on their personal prescriptions. The fire burned inside her to do more. But what could she do? She turned to her family.

“My family has been a tremendous influence in my growth and direction. When I was unsure of the exact path to travel, my grandmother helped me to see that pharmacy is a good fit. I would not be to this point without family support,” said Dr. Troupe.

Following advice from her grandmother, she earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine. She took great pride in her studies and was inducted into the Rho Chi Honor Society, honoring the top 20 percent of graduates during her fourth year of pharmacy school.

Dr. Troupe will pursue her postgraduate year one residency at a local hospital, combining her love for pediatrics and pharmacy clinical practices.

She credits her success and the balancing of life to God, her mother Angelita, grandmother Patricia Morgan and aunt Ayesha Garner. She is motivated by Philippians 4:13, where it says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Congratulations,  Dr. Aquaiel Troupe, Pharm. D.

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