There ain’t but one true gospel

Stop it! You know your pastor has been compromised

Praise the Lord.

Ok, I had to wait until after the first presidential debate before writing again, and WOW!

While there is so much I could say, all I will do is just stick the course of what the Lord has tasked me with and that is focusing on His Word and the hidden agendas being pumped by the millions of gallons into our communities by way of some so-called leaders — religious leaders. I won’t give them the satisfaction of calling them spiritual leaders as that would be a slap in my Lord and Savior’s face.

So, apparently, I and hundreds of many other spiritual leaders all over the world have this church, bible, Christian, holiness, spiritual and Jesus Christ thing completely and totally wrong.  I guess we owe several millions of the saints that have been reading our words, listening to our sermons, been under our teaching and preaching, under our leadership, and have been instructed and guided by us in the way of living a spiritual life and to turn away from the life we described as sinful.

Since there is no longer sin in the world, because apparently, Jesus eliminated it at the cross, we have been misleading the people by telling them that they had to discontinue sin and not to worry anymore because hell wasn’t a real place and never existed.  It was kind of like the boogeyman we used to scare “bad” kids into being good.

Man, that means I have to start with the International Church organization. I am a bishop in Church of God and True Holiness, Inc., Progressive Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Inc., the first apostolic-holiness organization we joined and were apart of for over eight years.

Refuge Temple started the holiness-apostolic movement that I first knew of over some 100+ years ago; Church of God and True Holiness is 88 years old and Progressive is 76 years old.

I would also mention Bible Way, but as I know of the Apostle that is the head, I never sat in on what they preach and teach. Still, I’m sure it’s the same as I have seen him on Facebook debating the Word with Baptist, Church of Christ, and other preachers of different doctrinal beliefs.

Either way, for the most part, even they still preach on hell and sin, or at least the ones that haven’t been mesmerized and hypnotized by this new way that has swept the country and initiated by who was one of the first mega-church leaders of our time and the other megachurch leaders have flocked to it.

Y’all have heard of the “inclusion” teachings, so don’t act like what I’m talking about is so foreign and new.

I know for a FACT that some of y’all are sitting RIGHT NOW of your same pastor even after y’all saw and heard the transitioning take place right before your very eyes, and you still act like it’s no big deal.

Yeah, I know at first you thought that maybe this was just some fad, so something that your pastor would eventually come back to his senses and realize it was a myth, or well, I don’t know what you thought.

But one question I have for you is for years, you sat there taking notes, underlining and highlighting your bibles, folding back the corners, wrote in the margins, placing Post-it notes and whatever else you did to ensure you could go back to where you learned something new or vital to what you felt could help you be a “better” Christian.  And all the years, not one question arose because passa was preaching and teaching directly from the scriptures, and you could follow in yours because it was right there before you.

The question is if that is the case, and I know it has to be for most of y’all cause most of y’all I know personally. I know your testimonies, how then, when you first had that “hold up, what?” moment, because I know it had to be one, how then could you continue to leave the church and go home and either discuss it with your spouse, family or call other church members and discuss what passa just “dropped on us?”

How Sway?

So, it’s like when a person is found to have perjured themselves on the stand, the lawyer then says, “Are you lying to us now or were you lying all this time back then?”

Notice, I couldn’t keep up the sarcasm of saying we were wrong. Time is getting too short, and some good people are checking out of here, and y’all have to know that YES, there are still some preachers that will not compromise the Word and will continue to tell you the truth according to the Word of God and will not accept your friendship and lie in your face to keep those tithe checks coming.

Don’t get me started on that one because, in one sense, they say we are under the dispensation of grace, and all sin is forgiven, and we are not under the “law,” but tithes are part of the “law” AND WAS NEVER MONEY! And NEVER FOR THE GENTILES! Oh, that’s right, we are the twelfth tribe. NO, let me stop; it’s too deep to get into, maybe later.

I’ll continue next week because y’all need to make educated, informed decisions based off the Word of God, the OLDEST written recorded history on the planet as we know it.

I know “they” say Jesus didn’t come on the scene until whenever and the bible is only 2,000 years old.  WRONG!

Jesus was in the beginning, Gen 1:1, John 1:1, 14, many more but again, another time, and I have even written on this before.

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