Thomas English Report: Senior black on black crime

As I stated before, many old black men are jealous of the young black boys.

One of many examples of senior black on black crimes would be the open variety of our African-American preachers that don’t pray for our black kids anymore here on the streets of St. Petersburg and other cities.

I know this because for the past 14 years, I have been asking black preachers here in the Midtown area to come to the parks where I am hosting my “RNBI” Inner-city Youth Baseball programs, but to no avail.

I host these programs all by myself with no support from parents in Childs Park, Bartlett Park, Campbell Park, Lake Vista, Ridgecrest Park in Largo, city parks in Tampa and even in Louisville, Ky., and no matter what city park that I am in, it is almost impossible to get one of our black preachers to come and pray for the children.

Out of the open variety of preachers that I have asked to come to the parks and call upon our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to bless our children, only four pastors have accepted. These four people of God are Pastor Frank Peterman from the Rock of Jesus, Rev. Manuel Sykes from Bethel Community Baptist Church, both in the year 2000, Pastor Joseph Myrick from the Mount Ebal Primitive Baptist Church in 2007 and Minister B. Wilson from the Living Christ Deliverance Center in April of 2014.

I am trying to prevent another TyRon Lewis, Trayvon Martin or Michael Brown. Those are a lot of pastors from a lot of cities that don’t know each other, but yet they all do the same thing: nothing for our youth.

That is why my Inner-city Youth Baseball program is called the New Negro “RNBI” Reviving Negro Baseball in Inner Cities because African Americans need a New Negro. I must do what I must do in His Holy Name for our inner-city youth. Otherwise they will be just another statistic.

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