Transformed to the streets

BY DEXTER MCCREE, Feature writer

ST. PETERSBURG —The morning was beautiful and the sun was shining bright. The winds began to blow and transformation was in progress. Transformed was an event that brought together cultures, the young and old, ministries, fun and life lessons.

The day of inspiration took place across the street from Anointed Word Fellowship Church last month. It started out with Pastor Luis Marrero and Open Heaven Pentecostal Church singing praise and dancing to spiritual Spanish songs. A word challenging a transformed mind set the stage for an eventful and inspiring day.

There were little children enjoying Kid City, where they traveled in and out of model playhouses and moved down the slide into a pit of sand. Ten stations set up with tent coverings provided activity for the audience to engage. A dress-up station encouraged young girls to embrace their inner beauty while observing outer beauty as they dressed up in an array of pearls, garments and hairpieces topped off with stylish hats. At the arts and craft area, the children painted pictures that captured the dream that was with in them.

For those thirsty and hungry, the food court provided grilled hot dogs, popcorn and ice cold drinks. With many people experiencing challenges in life, prayer warriors set up and prayed with individuals seeking divine answers to their earthly circumstances.

DJ big-play kept the crowd in groove mode, mixing genres of music that took the audience from line dance, to praise and worship and everything in between. It was the perfect mix for the mixed crowd of people. Justin Beachesne, a multiple amputee and competitive skateboarder, was on hand to inspire the youth, while Channel 10’s news anchor, Reginald Roundtree, delivered a powerful and motivational message that caused the audience to stand to their feet in applause.

“It indeed was a day to transform,” said Cheryl Underwood, who illustrated a woman with issues transforming to a woman of hope and inspiration. “I’m loving and enjoying life. Everyone can and should.”

A massage station gave relief to anyone who felt stressed, tired or discomforted and transformed them into energetic participants of the day.

“We are too blessed to be stressed. The daily responsibilities often cause extra pressures. I want to be able to help people relax and get relief. But more importantly, find their inner self,” said Dominique Burney.

Transformed is about challenging lives and minds to be the best you. It takes church and sends it to the streets where the best work can really be done. Even the weather agreed that morning.

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