Travelers’ Rest homecoming anniversary

Top Row: Jason Freeman, Traci Freeman, Alyssa Greene, Christopher Bailey and Pastor William Mark Greene 
Bottom Row: Rhonda Bailey, Sonya Greene, Lillie P. Freeman and Shayla Freeman



ST. PETERSBURG – Travelers’ Rest Missionary Baptist Church along with Senior Pastor Rev. William Mark Greene celebrated its 11th homecoming anniversary of divinity service to the community last Sunday evening with guest speaker Bishop Lewis Sherman and the Holy Family Christian Church.

Bishop Sherman wasted no time in providing clarity on the significance of a homecoming celebration as opposed to a homegoing celebration.

Bishop Lewis Sherman

Bishop Lewis Sherman

“It’s always a celebration when I come home,” said Bishop Sherman. “You can just be who you are. You learn to appreciate the time that you have together.”

On an earthly realm, you come home to family, relax and just be yourself. However, homegoing celebrations are usually met with initially sadness as the sorrow dissolves into eternal joy because one’s soul is alive and well in the Heavenly Kingdom.

Program committee chairperson Mattie Adams thanked everyone from committee members to members-at-large for their efforts in making the church’s 11th anniversary a very special event.

Adams culminating activity was a surprise tribute to First Lady Sonya Green.

“Now you wait right here,” said Adams as she temporarily exited to the lobby to get Green’s surprise.

She returned with the First Lady’s family from Valdosta, Ga., that consisted of her mother Lillie P. Freeman, brother Jason Freeman, sisters Traci Freeman and Rhonda Bailey, nephew Christopher Bailey and niece Shayla Freeman.

This family reunion, all covertly planed in secret meetings, brought tears of joy to everyone’s eyes. Dinner and dessert were served immediately after the service.

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