Vengeance and justice are not the same


Dear Editor,

Our daily struggle is to wrestle with what we know is wrong and what is easy and expedient. Seven people died and if you don’t have sympathy for all of them then something is wrong with you!

I’m talking to people of faith and conscience. Without justice and morality, society as we know it will have a date with the dinosaurs. Laws and slick lawyers cannot forever allow crooked law enforcement to keep abusing the ones they are supposed to protect.

It is also madness to attack police.

The assassination of five Dallas policemen, who were protecting protesters, should cause everyone to take a deep, reflective breath before we go down.

The Dallas tragedy still offers a bit of hope. The community of Dallas has embraced its besieged department and reminded people all over this nation that anti-abuse is not anti-police. The majority of black people are not lawless thugs and the majority of police officers are not abusers.

If they were, society would be much worse than it is now.

To the moral, faithful and persons of good will with a conscience, you are the true thin line against destruction. Good people come in all colors and faiths.

Good people find no happiness or relief in the slaughter of innocent people. If you have told yourself maybe these cops had to die to bring attention to the mistreatment of black people, then you have slid down a dark hole. That is a wicked thought so rid yourself of it!

Such rationalizations are the excuses of evil, period. You don’t think Dr. Martin Luther King was angry, or the Freedom Riders were fed?  None of them resorted to the use of violence, and we are all better for it. Most people will not shoot anyone, but dangerous talk is food for fools who will commit violence.

Do you think endless conflict is good? Tell that to the people of Syria.

Yes we are tired of seeing so many black people killed for senseless and stupid reasons. Yes we are sick of a system that is too often justified and tolerate too many law enforcement officers who are racist or who have implicit bias toward black people.

Yes I understand that. We are all tired and we are all angry, but killing the people who offer their lives daily to protect us is not the answer.

Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were not resurrected when Micah Johnson ambushed those five policemen in Dallas. No one is safer because those cops are dead. Who will you call if someone breaks in your house? The boys in the hood?

Some demigods want to blame this on the Black Lives Matter movement, but they are not connected. Johnson was a young man who let his anger rob him of his humanity and soul. He will not be remembered as a soldier or a man who helped the disabled. He will be remembered as a man who let Satan punk him into ambushing cops who were protecting protesters in a peaceful demonstration against corruption in law enforcement.

Dallas police were taking pictures with the protesters! The protest was not against all police; it was against a system that allows abusers to not be held accountable. Black Lives activists reported that after the shooting started, the Dallas police officers helped protesters to safety then ran toward the sniper fire.

Vengeance is not accountability, and it does belong to us anyway.

You know who it does belong to and He will judge us for our actions and our feelings. It is in our heart where we prove who we really are.


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