What are your motivational factors? Skin color, culture or character?

Pastor Sarah Edwards

Pastor Sarah Edwards

God’s name is Holy and He is spirit and truth. Everyone has been created by God as a spirit after His image and likeness—-His nature and character-Genesis 3. We are placed in an earth suit-body with soul mind, emotions and desires. Every color and both genders proceed from Him.

Culture consists of our values, morals, religious beliefs, language, traditions, etc. Character is the complexity of our mental and ethical traits that stabilize and reveal distinctive qualities that have been built into an individual’s life choices which determine our response regardless of circumstances. Culture and character are neutral and highly individualized. They’re learned at an early stage of our life and subrogate itself to what we want. Our thoughts ultimately dictate to our desires the path we choose to flesh out our life.

Our skin color is predetermined by our ancestors DNA. As a person of color I therefore ask are you black and proud or are you black and holy?  Recently over 300 African girls were kidnapped by other black folks. An African Muslim woman converted to Christianity was put in prison, beaten and scheduled to be killed because of her beliefs in spite of her being pregnant. A group of American women, movie stars and notable TV personalities protested by chanting “bring our girls back.” Once it was exposed they and this woman were Christian most of them quickly stepped off the national scene.

However, the righteous people bold as a lion all over the world continued protesting. They were not ashamed of their Christian culture nor were they intimidated. The girls have been located and this woman was finally released. Black or white, evil is no respecter of person.

“The City of Churches” and “God’s waiting room” is too often looked upon in a negative light due to a meltdown of understanding about God’s ways. God has always chosen cities for His glory, i.e. Jerusalem, Zion, Bethlehem, etc. After leading God’s people from Egypt’s bondage, Moses was commanded to separate God’s people into 12 Tribes and sub-divide them by clans/families.

The older male usually inherited the ruler ship blessings from his father. Sometimes it was given to the younger son and or to the daughters instead. Each tribal clan/family had particular talents and was placed strategically around the Tabernacle to worship God continually and as protection of the place chosen for the Tabernacle.

This is called God’s law/principle of place. They all had the same call but a different administration of that same call. Much like the many churches God has ordained in Midtown; the last place that African Americans were herded to via gentrification from various parts of the city. All God ordained Pastors are given the same responsibilities the Tribal Leaders had under Moses. To love our city into the Kingdom of God.

Jesus Christ fulfilled the Law. He is the head of the Church. The community is God’s congregation moving as the Body of Christ throughout this chosen city of God. Remember the Sabbath Day. Keep it holy. This is the day God rested as everything had been completed and eternity began to the Jews first, then the Gentiles. However, the day of the Gentiles is about to end [Romans  11- 12].

Do not forsake assembling  ourselves as believers outside of the walls of our church building (Hebrews 13:8). Our LORD equipped us to be world changers and not become a part of the world systems, i.e. businesses, arts, education, recreation, etc.

We are the salt of the earth. St. Petersburg is a city chosen by God. His eyes are beholding her. This is one reason why the sunny weather attracts seniors from all over the world who reverence God’s authority/name, retire here as they exit their journey, and meet the Son of righteousness as He arises with healing in his wings (Malachi 4:2). God has made His face to shine upon us.

Local congregations are connecting point to our Tribal family/clan. We must exercise God’s ‘principle of place’ God’s judgment will first begin at the House of God. He has given us Pastors. He has chosen from His heart to teach us who He has said He is (Jeremiah 3:15]).

So what are your motivational factors in making your decisions? Skin color, culture or character?

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