What are your New Year’s resolutions?

  1. Most common New Year’s Resolutions include losing weight, exercising, getting organized, quitting smoking, and saving money.

By Dacia Jackson, Teen Journalist

As 2022 kicks off, starting your new year with a focused look at what you want to do this year is vital. Granted, 2020-21 may not have been the best years for everyone, but 2022 can be exceptional!

Having attainable goals, important to you and enterprising, is crucial to have. I always try to strive for the most I can complete while staying within the borders of what I truly can accomplish in a year.

Completing your goals will flood you with a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and keep you focused throughout the year. Creating an attainable New Year’s resolution is essential to feeling accomplished at the end of the year.

Not fulfilling goals can be disappointing, and picking anything too extravagant can tank confidence in your resolutions. I start with a vision board on New Year’s Eve for the following year, and I do this to keep myself focused on the prize.

Realizing that focus is important to a New Year’s resolution is the key to having a successful year. And while it is amazing to have a couple of long-term goals, having several short-term goals that can be completed in a day are also important, such as relaxing, going to the spa, or learning to cook your favorite dish.

If you are at a loss for what to set as your goal while making your list or vision board of New Year resolutions, several general topics may spark your interest, such as school, health, vacation, etc. If you are still unsure, ask yourself, “what would make me happy if I accomplished it this year?”

Your New Year’s resolutions should be about you! It’s made for you, no one else. Happy New Year!

Dacia Jackson

Dacia Jackson is a teen journalist, author, and artist with aspirations of becoming an attorney. She is currently pursuing an interest in journalism while attending a Florida online school. Dacia is honest, ambitious, and tenacious, so her column will always be truthful, extraordinarily unique, and hopefully impactful.

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