What Will Help Us Overcome Frustration, Fear, and Failure and Move Change Along?

Rev. Brian K. Brown, Pastor, St. Mark M.B. Church

Series: “Facing What’s Forward” | Scripture Reference: Genesis 9: 8 – 17

Still learning from Noah’s narrative found in the book of Genesis, Chapter 9, understanding that God wants us to face what is forward with faith no matter what we see, but rather believing He alone can do all but fail. Although what is ahead may not always be easy, when God says to face it, we are confident He has power for our weaknesses; God can still heal, strengthen, and has not brought us thus far to leave us! The following are three significant points for consideration:

Point 1: (Genesis 9: 8-10) There Are Statements by God, LISTEN for them.

God spoke to Noah and his sons to establish a covenant; God spoke! When we experience frustration, fearful or scary moments, or allow worry to enter our hearts, we become derelict in moving forward.  Instead of fixating on whether things will work out for our good, we should exercise discipline and seek answers from God’s word. Further, you and I must determine what has been spoken by God and be comforted by His statements.

God speaks by His word, which will move us and push us through the change God has for us. We must accept that change takes work- to become rooted requires work and will be to our benefit as we commune with God by reading His holy words. Adding on, the Bible represents instructions in righteousness; God’s word redirects and corrects us from continuing outside of His will, things that we are frustrated by, fearful of, or what is fractured.

Point 2: (Genesis 9: 12&13, 16) Signs and Symbols From God, LOOK for them.

God’s word should be enough for us; however, our human flesh often requires a visual aide in this area. We sometimes need God to show us “something.” We see this scenario demonstrated in scripture when God speaks of the bow that He will place in the sky with the cloud, affirming His promise never to flood the earth again. Notably, believers in need of a “symbol” or “sign” must ensure the illustration aligns with God’s word. Which is to say, every sign affirms something God has already said. He doesn’t take the “cloud” away but instead shows the negative moment as now something that establishes good for His people.

To be clear, God will never make His “sign” larger than His “statement.” Friends, check your alignment of God’s will for your life with His word in the Bible, and make sure it is a sign from God because the advisory can show you and I signs too!

Point 3: (Genesis 9) There is a System with God, LABOR with it.

Looking at the text, we know that God created a covenant with Noah and Noah’s three sons, but the covenant was to carry on for generations to come; however, there were no others to bond with at that time. Thus, God has a system in place that allows each believer to become better and then help another by sharing His word and their testimonials of God’s goodness and mercy. God’s will for us is to help others get through their frustrations, fears, and failures.

Consider struggles faced in the life of Dr. King, whose humanity has been depicted in many books and films. Struggling to decide on his next assignment, he calls his close friends for support.  John Lewis, Ralph Abernathy, and Mahalia Jackson play a pivotal role in supporting Dr. King through testimony, wisdom, and song. Ultimately, Dr. King decides to go to Selma, Ala., as his next assignment and face what was to come. Lovingly, as Christians, we are to do the same for others; once we are “better,” we should support and assist others so they may benefit and learn of God’s mighty covenant with His people. The system is simple; one helps the other, God blesses us to bless others, but pointedly speaking, we are to do the work. God’s system requires that we continue to sow into the next generation and the next to keep His word alive for generations to come.

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