What will you remember?

Psalm 20

The Psalmist of Psalm 20 suggests in verse 7 that some put their trust in chariots and horses.  But as believers our faith and trust are in the Lord our God.  Chariots and horses suggest where we are in our society today (government and gain).  The Psalmist reminds the church that we are to remember God.

Using Psalm 20, Rev. Brian K Brown, senior pastor of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church, pointed out things we ought to remember.

Verse 1 lets us know we should remember who hears our voice.  While elected officers may not hear our voice there is one who sits higher will hear our cries.  There are times others can’t hear us but there’s never a time God does not hear us.

The second point of remembrance coming from verse 2 is remember who helps our voids.  The text reveals that we are all in need of good defenses against the cracks and holes in us and that wherever there’s a crack or void, God will send help.  All of us have things we can’t cover (voids).  God will send from His presence what we need in our times of voids.  God can defend what we can’t think of.  What voids are in our lives (humanity, wellness, brotherly love, unity)? No matter how we try to balance the covering we need, we can’t do it, but God covers us with His mercy and grace.  What we can’t handle, do or figure out God can work out.

The final point came from verses 7 and 8, where again the Psalmist says some trust in chariots, but they turn to rust, and horses that become lame.  Though the chariots and horses fail God does not, so we remember who hands us victory.  It will not come from the White House, the State House or our house.  God gives victory.

We remember Calvary where it looked bad, but three days after Jesus died, He got up from the grave.  We may be down, but God will pick us up and He alone will give victory.  Our hope should not be in elected official but in Jehovah our God who will give us victory.  We are not the one who gives victory for our lives.  Victory comes because of our victorious God who exercises victoriously in our lives.

While it’s time to vote and let our voice be heard, more importantly it’s time to let our voices be heard by the one who matters the most, Jehovah God who is ready to talk to us and hear us.

Rev. Brian K. Brown is the pastor of St. Mark Missionary Baptist Church. Please join our live streaming service on YouTube @ St Mark MBC each Sunday @ 10:45 and Wednesdays @ 7:00 p.m.

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