NOV. 6 ELECTION UPDATE: Biden leads in votes in Pennsylvania

As of the time of updating, the electoral count still stands at 253 votes for Biden and 214 for Donald J. Trump. However, if Biden takes Pennsylvania, he will have won the election. Voters can then stand by and be sure there will be lawsuits continuing from the Trump camp.

Trump was reported as saying Nov. 4, “We’ll be going to the U.S. Supreme Court — we want all voting to stop,” – but the voting has already stopped with all polls closed. It is the counting that remains to be done now. All votes must be counted before the election can be called truly over.

Florida was called for Donald Trump by the Associated press on Nov. 4, with 96 percent of voting precincts reporting 11 million votes.

In local elections:

  • Charlie Christ kept his U.S. House District 13 seat against Anna Luna with 53% of the vote over her 47%
  • Darryl Rouson maintained his District 19 state senate seat with 68.7% of the votes over challenger Christina Paylan’s 31.3%
  • Chris Latvala kept his seat in District 67 with 57% of the vote, against Dawn Douglas, who earned 43%
  • In District 69, Linda Chaney (52.5%) retained her seat of Jennifer Web (47.5%)
  • Bob Gualtieri kept the Sheriff seat, with 62.6% of the vote, and opponent Eliseo Santana earning 37.4% of votes
  • Mike Twitty is in as Property Appraiser, earning 59% of votes versus Trevor L. Mallory’s 41%
  • Julie Marcus retains her seat as Pinellas Supervisor of Elections, with 57.6% against Dan Helm’s 42.4%
  • Rene Flowers (67.4%) wins the County Commissioner’s seat for District 7 against Maria Scruggs (32.6%)
  • Laura Hine won District 1 School Member at Large with 55.6% of votes against Stephanie G. Meyer’s 44.4%
  • In a big race in South St. Pete, favorite Caprice Johnson Edmond took School Board seat for District 7 with 56.7% of votes against Karl Nurse’s 43.3% of votes
  • In Largo, newcomer Eric Gerard ousted incumbent Curtis Holmes, 54.2% against 45.8%.

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