Who’s holding your leader?


The First Pastoral Anniversary Services ended with a grand celebration thanks to Sister Joi Davies, the Special Operations and the Administrative Ministry.

The members of Unity of Midtown were really blessed by the ministry of the Word and song that were ministered effectively by Pastor Wm. Mark Greene and Travelers’ Rest Missionary Baptist Church Choir.  After the worship experience, there was an Ice Cream Social in the Rev. Catherine & James Brooks’ Fellowship Hall where members from both congregations had an opportunity to fellowship.

One of the congregants from Unity of Midtown stated, “It was such a blessing that my mother (a member of Travelers’ Rest) and I were able to worship together. We’ve haven’t done that in years.”

Pastor Greene through one message inspired both the pastor and the church. He encouraged Dr. Pulley that if he continued to be humble and obedient to God’s guidance that he would see even greater growth and development. He admonished the congregants of Unity of Midtown to hold the ladder for their Spiritual Leader by being steady in their commitment, secure in their faith and supportive to the pastor’s vision.

Both pastors and congregations look forward to building on this firm foundation of fellowship.

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