Winning During the Worst of Times


Philippians 3:8; 1:6; 2:13; 4:10-13

The Philippians 3:8 verse is a reminder of where we are in life.  This season has brought us loss of loved ones, jobs and perhaps we’ve come close to losing our minds because of all that is going on in the world.  Looking at the text, we need to understand that it reflects what Paul said, he ‘had to lose all things in order to win Christ’.  Sometimes in order for us to win we have to lose things.  Though we’ve lost things in this season, we can still affirm that we’ve won some things (the knowledge that God is faithful).  We used to talk what we didn’t know but now we talk what we know, and we know that the Lord will make a way.  God is our all and all even though in tough places.  God has not faltered or failed us.  If we continue to trust in him, he will see us through and thus give us another opportunity to testify that he did it again.

The worst of times is relevant to what each of us deem it to be.  None of us has endured the worst of times as Paul experienced.  He writes with an uncertainty of whether death will find him as he’s in a Roman prison, and when he might face Nero’s chopping block.  The worst of times for us is that we’re living in a time we aren’t sure when and how death will find us.  Paul, as he’s in his worst of times, does not pen a sad epistle but speaks on a high note.  He speaks of rejoicing, letting the mind of Christ Jesus be in us, confidence in he that began a good work will perform it.  He speaks upbeat moments because he understood that no matter how bad the times, God is an on-time God.  Paul echoes ingredients, tools, and principles to hold us over and get us through.

Pastor Brown asked these questions:  What’s needed to win?  What do we need in the times we’re living?  How do we activate the winning component so that the times, that may get worst, can still produce winning attitudes and spirits among us in the midst of the worst of times?

The first offering from Chapter 1:6 is We Need to Give It Time.  Sometimes we panic and give up on God too soon.  Paul tells us that he had confidence, no matter what the times looked like, that God, in his own time, will make something happen that will be good for us, good to us and good through us.  We must hold on in the worst of times and give God time.

The second offering from Chapter 2:13 is We Need to Get the Treatment.  As we look all around us, there’s bad news and if we aren’t careful the bad news will consume us and make us think things are impossible.  God van takes something on the outside and treat something on the inside to help move, motivate, and minister to us so that we understand that God is not bound by what we see and is not bound on what we call things.  God is aware of what we are going through and has the power to send something down to us in the midst of our circumstances.  God can motivate us in an unmotivated room.

The final offering from Chapter 4:1-13 is We Need to Go With the Team.  Paul affirms that the Philippians were a part of his team.  They had desired to give but lacked opportunity, but Paul knew that God would give opportunity to bless them that they might be a blessing to him.  We may be waiting on God to do what he wants done through others.  Sometimes God will bless us through people we don’t know, people we don’t like and people who don’t like us but as God blesses, we should be satisfied.  In 4:13 Paul lets us know it’s not us but through Christ we can do all things who strengthen us.  People may bring the money, pray the prayer but God gives the blessing and answers the prayers.  So, every day of our lives, we must tell God thank you, give him praise and worship.  We must learn to trust the team.  The team is here to help us win when winning doesn’t look like an option.  We can’t do everything by ourselves.  The way we win is through God’s way.

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