Working Expo 50+

ST. PETERSBURG — More than expected in every way, AARP Tampa Bay, partnering with the 2020 Plan Taskforce, hosted over 70 adults aged 50 years and older during its Working Expo 50+ held Tuesday, Aug. 15 at the Enoch Davis Center, 1111 18th Ave. S.

“Can you do this again next month?” or “When will there be another one of these?” are just some of the complimenting questions asked by our seniors.

“Our objective was to connect experienced job seekers with information and resources to help build their marketability in today’s work environment and to connect them with local employers who see the value in hiring seasoned professionals.  I think we accomplished that today.”, said AARP Florida Associate State Director Michelle Cyr, “We look forward to continuing our efforts in St. Petersburg to help people explore new directions and discover new opportunities.”

The event provided valuable information for the job seekers and along with local employers looking for experienced workers hoping to find or change employment.  Some of those employers were Habitat for Humanity of Pinellas County, Pinellas County Schools, Kidz World Preschool, Manpower and the YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg.

Thank you to event vendors who also attended and were kept quite busy during the expo. Thank you Neighborly Care Network, Empath Health, AARP Tampa Bay, Pinellas County Schools and the valuable health screening provided by St. Anthony’s Nurse volunteers.

The expo also presented knowledgeable presenters facilitating workshops that the participants could not stop raving about. Providing useful information was a goal accomplished to help sow the importance of adjusting to the constantly changing employer demands. Those workshop topics were:

• Completing Applications Online

• Collecting Social Security Benefits While Working

• Importance of Social Media

• Retirement Options Information

Designed to align 50 and over workers with employers, the expo captured attendees seeking to find or sustain their current income with employment. Many were also just seeking information to help prepare themselves to become marketable for employment. Free transportation, a $40 Publix gift card and a hot, delicious breakfast and lunch were provided.

For more information about AARP Tampa Bay, please contact Michelle Cyr at (727) 592-8008. For more information about 2020 Plan Taskforce, please contact Cory Adler, Executive Director at (727) 742-1757

About AARP

AARP Foundation works to ensure that low-income vulnerable older Americans have nutritious food, affordable housing, a steady income, and strong and sustaining social bonds. We collaborate with individuals and organizations who share commitment to innovation and our passion for problem-solving. Supported by vigorous legal advocacy, we create and advance effective solutions that help struggling older adults transform their lives. AARP Foundation is AARP’s affiliated charity.

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