WOW! And I say again, WOW!!!

So now, there is no sin, there is no hell, and it doesn’t matter what I do, only what I believe!  So I can be the biggest murderer, liar, pedophile, rapist, stop me when I’m at the end, and as long as I “believe” Jesus loves me and He died for my sins, I’m good.  I will, no, I have already made it in to heaven because remember, there is no hell.

More so, one said that God is gonna have to apologize to Satan because He mistreated him!!!

I promise, I can’t make this up, I got the YouTube links if you want them to see it for yourself.

I just don’t get it. Oh, my bad, yes, I do.  Do whatever you want to do regardless of that the Bible says because it’s not the final authority, oh no, wait, it’s in the Bible that we can do all this.  Obviously, it must be because they are using the very same Bible to “supposedly” prove this stuff.  As if it wasn’t bad enough we got many saying the Bible and Koran are not real, now this.

Help me Holy ghost.

I’m gonna be here a while so buckle up tight.

There are mega churches promoting this, main stream and they are 100% certain there are not gonna bust hell wide open with gasoline undies on. (I’m not black, I’m OJ, oh ok) Same difference.  If you don’t know ask somebody.

First, I will lay the foundation of this belief and from time to time sprinkle in some real truth.

Yall, to use my bestest vernacular, this ain’t April fool’s and I ain’t playin, this is heading here, well, no, it’s already here and has sprouted legs.

Jesus on the main line, tell Him what you want.

Much of what we have just seen being played out in politics is indicative of what has been going on inside the Church for several years. We have been divided into two camps. One camp intends on using the Scripture legally and wants to abide by its precepts having the context be the guide to the interpretation.

The other side using flexibility, wants to form its own decision on what it means. We hear it is all a matter of interpretation and there are no set guidelines on how to practice as God can speak new things. So they have incorporated new and unusual practices. While neither side on the issues is completely above reproach there seems to be a clear delineation from what was once held as orthodox to what is now touted as a more current view of God and what He can and is doing.

What is called a new openness, by allowing God to do whatever he wants AKA “don’t put God in a box” is really spiritual liberalism in disguise. Certainly God has done many things in the past in unusual ways, often times not the way we would expect. The issue is not can God do certain things but will He do them. For He will never contradict His own word or principles but cooperate with it to accomplish His goals. So we must look for His ways that are conducive to His nature to be sure it is God. For if we attribute something to God when in fact it is not God, we have put Him in a box!

Many have already cast their vote on this matter and so the Church is divided on certain issues. The contentions we find in the body have already been addressed by numerous people of all different denominations with no settled solution. Despite the arguments on both sides that have been well presented, we do have a Supreme Court decision.

The Scriptures are final arbiter in matters of faith and practice. But there are many who do not abide in these decisions and want a recount; they want to change the rules after it is written. By changing what it actually means to their own private interpretation. While we can allow for liberty in certain teachings as one sees things from different perspectives it must all come within the circle of orthodoxy or it is not to be entertained as valid. Let me give you some examples from the semi-innocuous to the injurious.

There is a teaching that proposes the Church was born out of Christ’s side consisting of blood and water. Relating this to God putting Adam to sleep and taking Eve taken from his side. Sounds well in bounds of the Scripture on the surface…The problem with teaching is that it was a Roman soldier that pierced Christ and it only proved in a physical way that Christ had died.

The true Church was born from His sacrifice and culminated when He died on the cross for sin, as He said, “it is finished” and died before he was pierced. The other is blood and water coming from his side after His sacrifice unto God. With a spear in his side the Roman was making sure He was crucified, it has no real spiritual benefit although it does prove he really did die. For God already accepted the son’s atonement for sin and brought him back into fellowship before death.

Till next week,

God Bless


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