WRXB back up and running

We appreciate your many years of supporting WRXB. We’ve missed you, and I hope you’ve missed us.  WRXB 1590 AM has returned to the airwaves with a new transmitter, and within the next two weeks we can also be heard on 96.5 FM. Be sure to tune in to hear how great the music sounds on FM!

New up-to-date electrical wiring is being installed at our transmitter site to prevent the harmful lightning strikes that caused all the damage to our previous transmitter and equipment, and at that time we will be operating at full 100 percent power at 5000 watts reaching further than the station ever has before.

We have added hundreds of songs to our playlist, additional news, sports and community events. Also, check out our great updated website at 1590amwrxb.com.

Ok, down to business. Give a listen to WRXB and when you are satisfied that we sound better than ever, are not having any technical or on-air problems and have returned to the station that you have been familiar with for numerous years, call me on my personal cell line at (941) 400-3049 or email me at bigeddy12@comcast.net.

The plan is to return you to your same exact time slot, at the same exact schedule and at the exact same cost. We should be able to do this with most but not all programs, so please contact me as soon as possible.

This is going to be a massive undertaking and as most of you know I am a one-person office, so I am going to be one busy guy. I am looking forward to it.

This has been a tough and stressful time for everyone involved. Polnet Communications, headquartered in Chicago, has spent tens of thousands of dollars to rebuild the station and purchase new equipment.  I am going to be honest with you in saying that WRXB is a business, and like any business needs to be profitable to continue to survive.

We need the support of all area churches, businesses and entities to keep WRXB Tampa Bay’s urban gospel/inspirational radio station.

The main reason it took so long to get WRXB’s equipment to be restored and repaired and new equipment items purchased was the station did not generate enough funds in the past to break even in paying the monthly cost of operating the station, so there was no reserve to take from.

Thank you for sponsoring WRXB radio in the past and I look forward to your return. Please contact me by phone or email in the next two weeks to let me know if you intend to return to the airwaves.  I hope to get a positive response from all.

Ed Edwards,

General Manager

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