Zion is proud of his momma!

BY Dexter McCree, Feature Writer

ST. PETERSBURG – Zion Crumbs quietly perused images on a computer at the South Branch Public Library. As he came across one particular image, his smiled accompanied a proud look on his face. It told a story. He did a Google search for LaPorsha Crumbs and began to share his findings.

“This is my mom. She won the Daisy Award for being a really good nurse,” Zion said proudly while expecting others to be as excited as he was. “My grandmother also won the award, but it was a long time ago.”

The moment was rather cute and even a little embarrassing since I did not have a clue about the Daisy Award.

Zion is a fourth grader at Bay Point Elementary who goes to the library after school. He is quiet, focused and joyful. It appeared that he was by himself then from the stacks appeared his tutor, Ken Crawford.

Crumbs was not at all alone. He was simply displaying good library etiquette and being a mannerable young man. He frequents the library to meet with his tutor so that he can stay on top of his schoolwork.

“I’m really pleased at the progress that Zion is making,” stated Crawford. “The greatest difference is his work habit. He has figured out that he is a high achiever and now he pushes. Once a kid discovers that he can do a thing then the sky is the limit for his accomplishments. Zion knows that he is a top achiever.”

Zion is developing into a future leader. At school, he is involved with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), chess and computer coding clubs. He also enjoys the 5000 Role Models program. It keeps him focused.

“I like school and it’s fun. I like, math, social studies, fractions, decimals and PE (physical education),” said Zion.

What Zion really likes is spending time with his mother. He enjoys telling her about his day around the dinner table and going on outings. He also likes when she receives the recognition she deserves.

Crumbs is a neuroscience nurse at Bayfront Health St. Petersburg. She received the Daisy Award for outstanding service and care to her patients.

Zion&LaPorshaThe Daisy Award honors direct care nurses for their compassion and skill. It provides on-going recognition throughout the year.

The word out about Crumbs is that she is patient and kind. She is friendly and unfailingly gives reassurances to calm her patients. She deserves all the recognition she can get.

It’s heartwarming for Zion to see his mother being honored. By her example, he is learning that true evidence of good character is shown when kindness is given.

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