2021 Black Wall Street Experience & Small Business Expo

The Black Wall Street Experience & Business Expo strives to build sustainable economies for families and neighborhoods within the Tampa Bay region.

TAMPATo drive economic growth and financial education within the diverse communities that comprise the Tampa Bay region, the Tampa-Hillsborough Action Plan (THAPgroup), through support from Wells Fargo, will host the 2021 Black Wall Street Experience & Small Business Expo (BWE).

This three-day event will take place on the THAPgroup Campus, 5508 North 50th St. in Tampa, from Friday, Oct. 8 to Sunday, Oct. 10.

BWE has something for everyone. Entrepreneurs, organizations, and small-business owners will benefit from speakers and panelists addressing topics ranging from niche marketing to strategic business development. Representatives from Wells Fargo will be on hand to address the critical lending and wealth gaps faced by Black entrepreneurs.

Break-out sessions will also be held for individuals from all walks of life who are passionate about building generational wealth for families and communities. The Black Wall Street Experience & Small Business Expo is free and open to the public.

“The purchasing power of Black Americans in Tampa Bay means nothing without strategies to use those resources effectively, whether in a business or in a household,” said Derrick Blue, CEO of THAPgroup. “BWE exists to make businesses more profitable and to give families the tools necessary to build a strong financial legacy.”

Panelists from the 2019 BWE entrepreneurship and real estate workshop

During this spectacular weekend, online and brick-and-mortar business owners from across the Bay area are welcome to reserve booth space to introduce their products and services to attendees. National and regional franchise businesses are also welcome, as long as they operate in Florida.

Those interested in becoming a vendor or interested in sponsorship opportunities, please contact Sherryl Cusseaux at 813-626-4926 ext. 4, visit bit.ly/21BWE or send an email to scusseaux@thap-inc.org.

THAPgroup remains focused on providing a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. In the continued need to address COVID-19, they ask all attendees, speakers, and vendors to adhere to CDC guidelines, including wearing masks. In addition, THAPgroup has proactively implemented policies that include disinfectant and cleaning practices. To learn more about BWE visit, thapgroup.org/blackwallstreet.

2021 Lineup

Friday, October 8 | Tampa Bay’s Black Wall Streets

6PM – Tampa Bay’s Black Wall Streets: Central Avenue & The Deuces

A discussion with Veatrice Farrell, Executive Director of The Deuces Live in St. Pete & Fred Hearns, Curator of Black History for the Tampa Bay History Center.

7PM – Social Mixer

A community & entrepreneurial networking experience of the 2021 BWE. 

Saturday, October 9 | Workshops + Small Business Expo

11AM – 3:30PM

Beginning with 10AM Yoga in the Courtyard, this day highlights diversity through a Small Business Expo at 5508 & a series of in-person workshops on generational wealth & social enterprise. Keynote address by Machelle Maner of Wells Fargo, the Centennial Sponsor of BWE.

A series of in-person sessions on business building, sustainability and social enterprise for the people & for the culture.


*** Featured Event

10AM – Yoga in the Courtyard

With Meditative Energy Lounge

*** Featured Event

11AM – 3PM – Small Business Expo

The BWE Small Business Expo brings attention to small and minority businesses in East Tampa. Connect with and support local businesses and the Shops of 5508! Vendor opportunities are available at thapgroup.org/blackwallstreet.


*** Workshops

11AM – LIVE Podcast Recording w/Josh Bent of Econix Talks

Take part in the live pre-recording podcast experience focused on creative business ideas and ventures.


12PM – Keynote with Wells Fargo, Centennial Sponsor

Keynote session with Wells Fargo’s Machelle Maner highlighting the importance of business diversity and growth in communities of color.


1:30PM – Branding Your Unique Business

Anji Degante of Accent Styles Boutique and Derek Holmes, Jr. of 25 Thoughts discuss the importance of branding for business.


2:30PM – Building Generational Wealth

An hour-long discussion on the importance of promoting dignity through action and closing wealth disparities among communities of color.


*** Movie Screening of 'The Pursuit of Happyness'

6:00PM – Doors Open, Networking

7:30PM – Feature Film Screening, sponsored by Tampa Theatre

In-person at Tampa Theatre (711 N. Franklin Street, 33602) | Tickets $11.50 per person ($8.50 for Tampa Theatre members) | RSVP at thapgroup.org

Inspired by true events – a powerful story of Black Excellence and a film dedicated to promoting the entrepreneurial spirit and equal access to the American Dream.

Sunday, October 10 | Facebook Virtual Workshops

Executive career coaches Monica Simmonds, MSPH & Larnell Vickers discuss workplace strategy and professional wellness. Walter L. Smith, II & Dr. Sonja P. Brookins talk about Black ingenuity and the positive impact to our environment. Join the discussions @thapgroup on Facebook!


1PM – Code Switching in the Workplace

VIRTUAL | A THAPgroup Facebook Live event with executive career coaches Monica Simmonds, MSPH and Larnell Vickers. This virtual session highlights cultural awareness in workplace strategy, career development, and professional wellness as one climbs the corporate ladder. Join the discussion @thapgroup on Facebook!


1:30PM – Black and Green: Radical Environmental Activism

VIRTUAL | Join this THAPgroup Facebook Live event with Walter L. Smith, II and Dr. Sonja P. Brookins as they talk about the positive economic impact of Black ingenuity and what it means to be focused on our environmental good. Join the discussion @thapgroup on Facebook!

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