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Stephanie Wynn



ST. PETERSBURG – With her upcoming book “Readi – Set Go! A Simple Guide on Establishing a Successful Small Business,” Stephanie Wynn looks to offer guidance and instruction to those who are thinking about starting a business but may not be sure of what steps to take.

“They have a vision and they have a dream but they don’t know how to put it into place,” she said. “My book will give them step-by-step instructions on how they can go about starting their own small business.”

Wynn is the owner of Wynn & Wynn Business Solutions, LLC, a consulting firm based in St. Pete. The native Floridian has owned several successful businesses in the past and established her first business at the age of 23.

Blank white book w/path, featuredNot just for the business novice, her book is also aimed at established small business owners who are seeking to re-brand or reinvent themselves. When starting businesses in the past, she explained that she didn’t have the valuable information that could’ve made the road to success smoother. She would admittedly “put the cart before the horse” by starting a business and then seeking help.

“I wrote this book based on my past experiences to give people hope that they can accomplish their dreams,” she said, “but to be successful in establishing a small business, there are steps.”

The book includes valuable information such as getting a business set up, building a brand, making a vision board, drawing up a business plan, managing time and even saving for retirement, and it also includes a resource guide.

Wynn said she wanted to keep the book simple, and it is a taut 118 pages. Having read many other business books in the past, she said that although some may motivate, they often lack “the meat of it,” that valuable supply of all-inclusive information for those just beginning.

“Once they read this book, they will have the necessary tools that they need to get started,” she said.

For more information visit stephanieawynn.wordpress.com.

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